David Limbaugh at RedState: ???Obama is addicted to spending and control???

David Limbaugh, author of The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama???s War on the Republic, told the RedState Gathering in Jacksonville, Florida that he set out to write a ???current history??? of the Obama Administration.  This proved difficult, because as Limbaugh put it, ???we are so bombarded with things he???s done that it???s hard to keep up.???

In the course of preparing The Great Destroyer and its predecessor, Crimes Against Liberty, Limbaugh came to appreciate the way President Obama???s sometimes baffling actions tied back to his great goal of ???transforming??? America.  This would be a transformation that comported with Obama???s boundless faith in the morality and effectiveness of government control.  ???Obama doesn???t need to think about the economy.  He knows one thing: GOVERNMENT CREATES JOBS,??? said Limbaugh.  Likewise, in a speech he delivered in Osawatomie, Kansas, the President made it clear he believes only government can jump-start a stalled economy.

America was not designed as a nation that would be so thoroughly dominated and controlled by its central government, so the Obama ???transformation??? got under way.  As the title of Limbaugh???s book suggests, this was an inherently destructive process, because the existing American system ??? which Obama occasionally praises, but seems perpetually at war against ??? had to be cleared away.

???I think he???s trying to change American into something fundamentally unrecognizable,??? warned Limbaugh, describing the President as ???addicted to spending and control.???  That???s why the President made a great show of convening a blue-ribbon bipartisan debt reduction committee, but didn???t bother attending any of its meetings, much less follow its recommendations.  It???s why he worries about insufficiently confiscatory tax rates, but seems blissfully unconcerned about declining revenues from a stagnant American economy.  And it???s why he keeps handing over ludicrous ???budget proposals??? that carry trillion-dollar deficits out to infinity, when even Obama???s own Treasury Secretary can???t do a very good job of pretending to believe such a level of debt is sustainable.  Someone obsessed with transformation is, by definition, not terribly interested in sustainability.

Limbaugh had some advice for the Romney campaign.  He thinks they should emphasize the dangers facing America, if we remain on their current course ??? there???s little room for the complacency of believing that 2012 will be just another election, to be followed by business as usual, no matter how it comes out.

???Romney should keep Obama on the defensive by taking the offensive,??? Limbaugh recommended, noting that the vapid ???Hope and Change??? rhetoric from 2008 won???t work very well, now that the incumbent President has a record to run on.

But he also encouraged Romney to broadcast an optimistic message as well.  ???Tell America we really aren???t over,??? he urged.  ???If Obama is defeated, there will be an unleashing of optimism like nothing we???ve ever seen before.???  That sounds like the kind of history David Limbaugh would much rather chronicle as it unfolds.