The allure of Chinese ???infrastructure???

Hard-core leftist Senate candidate, and renowned fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren ??? who has described herself as an intellectual founder of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and popularized the ???you didn???t build that??? school of collectivist thinking that recently got Barack Obama in so much trouble ??? caused considerable mirth recently when she portrayed herself as the savior of capitalism.

She later emphasized that she was merely repeating what other people were allegedly saying about her: ???Every now and again, I meet with someone who???s been very successful on Wall Street who says: ???I want to support your campaign because I believe you will save capitalism. I believe in capitalism, and I understand there have to be rules. And they have to be consistently enforced.??? That is what I think is at stake in this election.???

Yes, the rules have to be consistently enforced.  Except for the rules against falsely claiming to be a Cherokee Indian for the purposes of exploiting affirmative action programs, apparently.

It turns out that when Warren, who will enjoy a keynote speaking role at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, thinks about ???saving capitalism,??? she actually means ???making it more like authoritarian Chinese communism.???  She ran a commercial praising the marvels of Chinese ???infrastructure??? during the Olympics:

Just for starters, if the United States started spending Warren???s recommended 9 percent of our stagnant, but still very large, Gross Domestic Product on ???infrastructure,??? we???d be spending another trillion dollars a year, and Democrats already want to run trillion-dollar deficits forever.

Furthermore, despite the bizarre Democrat fixation with portraying America as a blasted wasteland of disintegrating roads and tottering bridges, we already have an immensely sophisticated infrastructure, which developing China has been trying to duplicate.

And a lot of what China does with its massive ???infrastructure??? spending is even weirder and dumber than what American politicians do with their ???roads and bridges??? pork.  (Are you under the impression that the Highway Trust Fund is devoted to the maintenance of highways?  Think again! Billions of dollars are siphoned off for ???beautification??? projects that have included, according to pork-busting Senator Tom Coburn, ???$1.6 million for a ferry boat program in Oklahoma that features Saturday morning cartoon cruises with Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote on the ferry???s flat screen TV.???)

But not even Wile E. Coyote???s most ill-advised mail-order purchase from the venerable Acme company could compare with China???s habit of building entirely empty ???ghost cities.???  As the UK Daily Mail described them in a 2010 report, ???Elaborate public buildings and open spaces are completely unused, with the exception of a few government vehicles near communist authority offices.???

That???s what Elizabeth Warren thinks we should emulate.  And Barack Obama is going to let her speak at his convention.

Warren is hardly the first liberal to fall romantically in love with Chinese authoritarianism.  It???s been a disturbing trend on the Left for years.  It perfectly synthesizes their hunger for power with their utter economic illiteracy.  They really do think the height of virtuous industrial achievement lies in government bureaucrats conjuring pointless projects into existence by decree, raising scads of politically-approved jobs from empty fields, nourished by a thick mulch of tax money.  They don???t care all that much about China???s human rights abuses or environmental insensitivity ??? God help anyone, or anything, who crosses the communist government???s path when it decides to build something.

The constant use of ???infrastructure??? as a crowbar to pry more tax money from Americans is deeply offensive to our intelligence.  As if the government was already wisely spending every penny it takes and borrows!  If Warren wants another trillion dollars in infrastructure spending so badly, let???s see her produce a trillion dollars in spending cuts to pay for it.  Note: completely eliminating the entire United States military will not cover it.

American ???liberals??? love the idea of hiding their lust for authority behind flimsy technocratic justifications.  ???Infrastructure??? is merely their latest euphemism for ???loot,??? and as you can see from Warren???s silly campaign ad, they love it because they think it boxes growth-oriented capitalists into a corner.  Free marketeers might be deeply skeptical of uncontrolled social spending, but how can they resist statist demands for more money to build roads leading to their free markets?

Liberals in the Warren and Obama mold are so busy congratulating themselves for this clever checkmate of small-government reformers that they scarcely even notice everyone staring at them in horror when they advocate changing the ???American system??? they falsely profess to find ???wonderful,??? to make it look more like communist China.