The Rasmussen 14 percent: It???s up to us

A survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports last week found that only 14 percent of Americans believe their children will have a better future than they had. This number is an all-time low, and was widely seen as proof of a staggering decline in confidence about American???s future.

But this 14 percent report is actually very helpful in clarifying our thinking about the choice with which we are faced.

As a conservative, I am convinced that the 86 percent who do not believe in a better future may turn out to be right if President Obama is re-elected. His commitment to an extreme ideology and job-killing policies, to class warfare against the successful (which includes innovators, entrepreneurs and small businesses) and to regulatory rules and paperwork which slow down, hinder, and even stop the future ??? all these factors would lead to decay and decline for the United States.

A second Obama term would put the U.S. into such a deep hole financially, immerse us so far in centralized government, mire a generation of young people in such unemployment and underemployment, and foster such a culture of dependence and passivity that it might take decades to recover, if we ever could.

That is why the 2012 election is the most important in 150 years. The choice is truly that great.

But there is good news for the 86 percent who currently lack confidence in America???s future: we have a choice.

We don???t have to accept four more years of President Obama — the unemployment, the class warfare, the hostility to businesses, and the radical ideology. And we can undo the damage of the last four years of his administration.

The 86 percent pessimism suggests Americans are underestimating the potential results of a Republican victory and a decisive repudiation of President Obama this fall. If Mitt Romney wins the presidency and Republicans can take control of the Senate, it could lead to a rebirth of the American economy and of American innovation on a scale no one can imagine today.

We are on the edge of an American energy opportunity that will liberate us from relying on the Middle East, create millions of new jobs in the United States, improve our balance of payments (strengthening the dollar) and lower the cost of energy for consumers and for businesses.

We are on the verge of breakthroughs in personalized medicine and brain science with the potential to dramatically improve our quality of life.

With information technology we have the chance to revolutionize our education system to make sure America has the best educated citizens in the world.

And we have the chance to transform government, bringing it into the 21st Century and making it smarter, more efficient, and less intrusive.

We can achieve this better future if we elect a forward-looking Republican administration, which will keep government out of the way of American innovation.  But if we re-elect a president dedicated to European-style socialism, we almost certainly will not. The choice is ours.

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