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Obama’s “You didn’t build that” spin destroyed in 1.5 minutes

Now that President Obama and his apologists have spent a few days insisting – with increasing panic and desperation – that he didn’t say what he clearly said in Roanoke, Virginia, the spin itself has become a negative reflection on the President.  He’s basically demanding that his supporters abandon their own senses, and the most elementary understanding of the English language, to un-hear his words, forget his contempt for individual achievement, and swallow him as a champion of the entrepreneurial spirit.

“You didn’t build that” has become a sort of litmus test for pure, blind, unwavering faith in Barack Obama.  If you’re willing to believe he was misquoted or somehow taken out of context, you have abandoned the faintest pretense of rational thought.  You’re literally not listening to a word he said, not just the four words that are killing his campaign.

The American Future Fund masterfully makes that clear in a new video, only one minute and thirty seconds long, that provides all the “context” anyone could ask for, shredding both the President’s original remarks and his numerous attempts to re-write them:

This isn’t going to work with people who still think they can cover a blackboard with elaborate sentence diagrams and somehow prove that the World’s Greatest Orator meant the exact opposite of what he said.  But that’s a small group of people, and they generally agree with what he said in the first place.  They’re just uncomfortable that he expressed it so clearly, and the reaction against him has been so strong.

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