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GOP Gov. Chris Christie gains another victory in getting New Jersey’s fiscal house in order.


Are political connections protecting Jon Corzine from prosecution?

Corzine has huge Democrat Party political connections, including a career as the governor of New Jersey. He‚??s a big money bundler for the Obama re-election campaign, too.

Considering the magnitude of the failure at MF Global, where over a billion dollars‚?? worth of client‚??s money was ‚??vaporized‚?Ě under legally questionable circumstances, many observers are amazed that chief executive Jon Corzine hasn‚??t gotten in more legal trouble.¬† Corzine, of course, has huge Democrat Party political connections, including a career as the Democrat governor of New Jersey, and in the Senate.¬† He‚??s a big money bundler for the Obama re-election campaign, and has continued putting big bucks in the Obama coffers long after his disgrace.

But there might just be some other reasons for Corzine‚??s remarkably smooth skating after the MF Global collapse, as reported by Wynton Hall at Breitbart News: documents uncovered by the Government Accountability Institute reveal that ‚??now-defunct MF Global was a client of Attorney General Eric Holder and Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer‚??s former law firm, Covington & Burling.‚?Ě

Furthermore, MF Global‚??s bankruptcy trustee hired the former law firm of Associate Attorney General Tony West.¬† The trustee is former FBI director Louis Freeh, who hired Eric Holder as a trial counsel when Freeh was working as the general counsel for MBNA America Bank in the early 2000s.¬† Freeh was a character witness at Holder‚??s Senate confirmation hearings for the Attorney General position.

The tight web of connections between Justice officials and the banking industry have led many members of Congress to demand a special prosecutor to investigate the MF Global collapse.¬† It looks like one more affair that Eric Holder‚??s politicized Justice Department cannot be trusted to investigate.

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