Reports: agency discovers more about White House bin Laden raid disclosures

New documents related to a White House briefing with  “Hurt Locker” filmmakers Kathryn Bigelow  and Mark Boal about the Osama bin Laden raid last year show CIA cooperation with the movie, reports Politico writer Josh Gerstein.

The documents were discovered in response to a court filing by conservative organization Judicial Watch, which broke news earlier this year that the White House had shared privileged information with the filmmakers, including the name of the leader of SEAL Team Six.

“The discovery of the additional records, which are being processed but were not immediately released, could fuel Republicans’ attacks on what they say is the Obama Administration’s pattern of using national-security information to burnish President Barack Obama’s reputation and his re-election standing,” writes Gerstein.

The CIA now has until Aug. 24 to hand anything releasable over to Judicial Watch, according to the report. The bin Laden raid movie, “Zero Dark Thirty,” is reportedly scheduled for a Dec. 19 release.