Small business owner blasts Obama in new video from House Majority Whip

Ohio small business owner Armie Kaufman says “that tax money comes from the business, there???s no other way to get it, and either you pay taxes with it or you use it to expand the business, ??? in a video released this morning via YouTube by House Majority Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

The new video critical of President Obama’s proposed tax plan, that would see thousands of small business owners hit with tax hikes,  follows the story of Arnie Kaufman, President of Woodhill Supply Inc., an Ohio based pipe manufacturer, was released Tuesday morning.

Kaufman, according to the statement release by Rep. McCarthy and citing the National Federation of Independent Business, is one of the 940,000 small business owners that will see an increase in their tax burden if the President was to follow through on his proposal.

The statement also included a recent report by Ernst and Young that further argues the negative effects the President???s plan would have on the struggling economy, specifically, ???710,000 fewer jobs and economic output reduced by 1.3 percent in 2013.???

In response, McCarthy plans to lead House Republicans in ???Stop the Tax Hike Day???, which is meant to be ???a day of district focused events drawing greater attention to the fact that the President???s tax hike plan would put the brakes on what is already anemic economic and jobs growth.???

But, with the August recess looming, House Republicans must work quickly if they plan to vote on extending the current tax rates, which they say they plan to do for another full year “to ensure greater economic certainty for hardworking American families and small businesses during this tough economic time.”