Batman and evil

This morning is overwhelmed with coverage of the horrific news from Colorado, where a shooter killed at least a dozen people, with 50 others injured, at a premiere showing of The Dark Knight Rises. It???s a horrible story, frightening and vile, and sure to overtake the news cycle and dominate discussion in the coming days. I wasn???t going to write anything about the movie they were going to see in this space, because there will be plenty of people doing that. But now that this has happened, there are a few thoughts that seem worth sharing, about evil, chaos, and how we respond to it.

I???ll admit I wasn???t really a fan of comic books when I was a kid ??? and I???m still not. I watch the movies because they???ve become essentially the replacements for the heroic action movies which Hollywood used to produce ??? paired with buttery popcorn, featuring superhuman acts, oversized explosions, and quick one-liners. Men in tights are more publicity tie-in friendly now, so that???s where the throw-downs happen ??? they???re the new gods of the marketplace.

I wasn???t a fan of comics. I was a fan of Batman…

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