Outrageous. CBS Host Laughs at Paul Ryan After She (Incorrectly) Lectures Him on Tax Hikes (Video)

CBS’s Norah O’Donnell laughed at Rep. Paul Ryan today after he correctly told her that keeping taxes at the current level is not a tax cut.


Via Pat Dollard:

Here’s the transcript:

Paul Ryan: So we’ve been acting in the House, Charlie. We’re just waiting for the senate to do something.

Norah O’Donnell: Congressman, you’re calling them “tax policy” and “tax code” you’re afraid to call them tax cuts now?

Paul Ryan: They’re not tax cuts, Norah, because they’ve been…

O’Donnell: (laughing)

Paul Ryan: Because they’ve been the tax policy for 10 years.

O’Donnell: Come on, Congressman (laughing)

Paul Ryan: Honestly, Norah. Keeping taxes where they are is not cutting taxes. Preventing a tax increase is preventing a tax increase. It’s not actually cutting taxes.