Top 10 questionable tactics from the Obama campaign

The president will say anything to get re-elected and his strategy includes this list of outright falsehoods, distortions, smears and lies.

1. Make wild charges

President Obama???s campaign team???s incessant attacks on Romney???s record at Bain Capital are a textbook example of trying to divert attention by exaggerating and distorting their opponent???s record. With the assistance of the mainstream media, President Obama is trying to make Romney look like the second coming of Simon Legree, with his campaign going so far as to accuse Romney of committing felonies.

2. Lie about opponents

At this stage in the race, desperate Democrats are starting to make things up. At a Democratic fundraiser in Seattle, Vice President Joe Biden tried to slip an outright falsehood past the crowd. Citing efforts in several states to cleanse voter rolls of the dead and felonious, Biden said, ???Republicans have changed the law so you get arrested if you do vote.???

3. Play the blame game

???The buck stops here??? is not exactly the motto of the Barack Obama presidency as he continually tries to shift the blame for his poor record to others. The moribund economy and lack of job creation is the result of the Bush tax cuts, the Arab Spring, the Japanese tsunami, greedy Wall Street bankers, uncooperative Republicans and ATM machines.

4. Class warfare

Even some Democrats are beginning to wonder about the president???s incessant class warfare remarks. He demonizes Wall Street, bankers, corporate America and the wealthy???sending record amounts of campaign donations into the coffers of Mitt Romney. But that???s all the ???hope and change??? candidate from 2008 has left: an appeal to the cynicism of the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

5. Deny, deny, deny

One tried-and-true campaign tactic is denial. Take Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz???s view on the economy. Instead of acknowledging the depth of economic pain that still exists for millions of Americans, Wasserman Schultz said, ???I am pretty happy about 28 straight months of job growth in the private sector.??? Some job growth, with an 8.2 percent unemployment rate that shows no sign of abating.

6. Pander to special interests

President Obama is the master at appealing to the collection of special interest groups that has become the Democratic Party. Promise to support same-sex marriage for the gay lobby, stop the Keystone pipeline for the environmentalists, give Hispanics immigration relief, use the race card whenever possible to energize blacks, scare women about contraception and give sweetheart deals to Big Labor.

7. Attack the messenger

No better way to deflect from your own lack of accomplishments than to blame the messenger and President Obama???s favorite bogeyman is Fox News. Recently on the campaign trail, the president said, ???So just in case some of your friends or neighbors or Uncle Jim is a little stubborn, has been watching Fox News, if he thinks that somehow I raised taxes, let???s just be clear, we???ve lowered taxes for middle class families.??? Not quite.

8. Play the race card

In liberal land, the contempt of Congress vote on Attorney General Eric Holder was really a way for evil Republicans to eviscerate the Voting Rights Act. A new liberal group called ???The Message??? made a YouTube video, saying that Romney is so white he makes ???Wonder Bread look like pumpernickel.??? The president often aids and abets the divisiveness, even setting up a national campaign organization, ???African Americans for Obama.???

9. Run against George W. Bush

All through his presidency, President Obama has blamed his predecessor for all that was going wrong during his own administration and loved to tell audiences about the mess he inherited. Now, by linking Romney to Bush, he can run against a more unpopular figure. Vice President Joe Biden opened that door in a speech calling Romney ???George Bush on steroids.???

10. Create phony issues

In order to scare single women to the voting booth, President Obama and his team wants to pretend that Republicans want to roll back the clock to another era. Republicans ???have a social policy right out of the 1950s,??? says Joe Biden. So the campaign twists its own strong-armed tactics against religious groups into a fake attack by Republicans on contraceptives. Then it makes a campaign ad that lies about Romney???s abortion policy and, voila, you suddenly have a ???war on women.???


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