NBC Bashes Romney, Then Host Asks Romney Sons: "Are You Out of Touch?" (Video)

Expect more of this in the days ahead…

Mitt Romney’s sons are a picture of success. Handsome, confident, and positive. But, not to the Democrat-media complex. They are the enemy. The represent the end of socialism, the end of big goverment spending, the end of rainbows, and unicorns, and Obama.

They must be destroyed just like their father.

In an interview tonight on NBC, after the network bashed their father for “struggling to connect” the host turned on the Romney sons and asked them, “Are you out of touch?”

“Their life of privilege, plus a reported $100 million trust fund, continues to draw harsh scrutiny….The criticism is that a family like yours, the Romneys, can’t really understand what the average American family is dealing with right now….are you out of touch?”

This would be truly shocking if we weren’t so used to it by now.

NewsBusters has video:


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