Union bosses caught admitting ???green jobs??? are bovine excrement

Guerilla filmmaker James O???Keefe of Project Veritas hit on a brilliant technique for getting the tongues of union bosses to wag: he created a phony company called ???Earth Supply and Renewal,??? whose mission statement is a hilariously officious way of saying they dig holes, then fill them right back in ??? the final absurdist distillation of Keynesian ???stimulus??? theory:

???First, our excavation specialists insert their shovels into the ground and remove the soil. This presents the problem of an existing hole in the earth, creating a dangerous situation that could lead to hazards, including but not limited to tripping, falling, and bodily injuries.

???Then there is the renewal process. At Earth Supply, we train professional backfillers to renew the soil in place of the existing hole, restoring the earth to its original condition.

???Some folks say we???re just digging ditches and filling them back up again. But it???s about more than that. It???s about jobs.???

You might be thinking nobody could possibly fall for a scam like that.  You would be wrong.

O???Keefe took his phony company to local representatives of the Laborers??? International Union and asked for their help securing government funding for their efforts to create green, shovel-ready, stimulus-friendly, absolutely useless ???jobs.???

As O???Keefe relates, ???the union bosses loved the idea!???  They immediately identified the dig-holes-and-fill-them-right-back-in project with prior ???green jobs??? initiatives, which they knew were only marginally less absurd.  ???Between us,??? one of the union bosses admitted, ???a lot of it is bulls???t,??? but ???as long as people are working, you know what I mean????

This was followed by a nearly perfect recital of Bastiat???s Fallacy of the Broken Window, also known as the core principle of Obamanomics: ???If there are people working, there are people paying taxes, there are people paying goods, there are, you know what I mean???  You???re doing right by the economy???  anything that brings work into a community is a plus??????

The union bosses confidently boasted of their lobbying prowess and connections with Democrat Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer of New York, and predicted they would support the “Earth Supply and Renewal” initiative to use taxpayer funding to create ???jobs??? whose only function would be erasing all trace of their existence.

A thunderstruck Ben Shapiro of Breitbart News concludes, ???The union bosses have a lot to answer for now that our states??? fiscal outlooks are so bleak. But it seems they???re too busy worrying about where to find the next buck from the taxpayer ??? even if that buck goes to pay a union ???worker??? who???s just ???renewing??? and ???supplying??? the earth.???

Coincidentally, Mitt Romney is speaking in Ohio today, and part of his speech addresses a vital flaw in President Obama???s ???nobody can build anything without the government??? philosophy: “What made President Obama???s comments so insightful is that they reflect the policies he???s pursued in office ??? policies that reward people for who they know, not what they know. While he gave taxpayer money and special carve-outs to friends, donors, supporters, and special interest groups, the middle class has been working harder for less. This has to end, and it will when I am president.”

Well said by Governor Romney, and beautifully illustrated by Mr. O???Keefe.  This is Obamanomics: endless waste, fraud, and corruption, as political connections become the most important economic ???resource??? in America ??? far more valuable than innovation, entrepreneurship, or hard work.

(Hat tip to @LeroyWhitby on Twitter, who knows a good Bastiat broken window when he sees one.)