New Jersey legislator urges political boycott of major NJ employer

Before Democrat class warfare commandos became obsessed with Bain Capital, they spent many enjoyable hours attacking Koch Industries.  Far-left tinfoil hat types love to paint the Koch brothers as supervillains, whose influence on politics is somehow inherently nefarious ??? unlike, say, hard-left billionaire George Soros.  Koch money figures prominently in liberal fairy tales about their electoral defeats.

The Koch brothers do make political contributions and exercise their right to free speech, as is fitting for all Americans.  The clear purpose of anti-Koch hysteria is to use them as all-purpose scapegoats, while intimidating them into silence.

Democrat politicians know what their unhinged audiences want to hear, and they make good money by posturing as hard-core foes of the Kochtopus in their fundraising letters.  This led Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) to attack the Koch brothers by name Tuesday on the Senate floor, as part of the Democrats??? push for the constitutionally dubious ???DISCLOSE Act,??? which would allow them to squeeze donor lists from political action committees.

Yes, this is the same Senate that hasn???t passed a budget for the federal government in three years.  The DISCLOSE Act is a threadbare distraction from the failure of the Democrat Party and their President.  They???re very upset that it???s not working, so they???re growing rather shrill.

Lautenberg cried from the Senate floor, ???I am going to disclose the identities of a couple of people who are among the biggest sources of secret money.  I am going to disclose where their money comes from. Here on this placard we see the Koch brothers, David and Charles Koch.  They are the powerhouses in this movement to take away the ability of the American people to decide how they vote and who gets into office.???

See what I mean by ???shrill????

The deranged Lautenberg went on to explore the source of all those evil Koch dollars, which come from ???oil, gas, and chemical companies that do business across the globe.???  He went on to list the many ways Koch Industries has infiltrated our lives: ???These Dixie cups are cups that kids drink out of, and they are sold by the Koch brothers.  Paper plates that often serve birthday cakes are sold by the Koch brothers.  Brawny paper towels that we use to clean the floor when our kids spill things are also sold by the Koch brothers??????

Three. Years. Without. Passing. A. Budget.

Also, you might recall Frank Lautenberg from his tireless efforts to grant habeas corpus rights to terrorist killers.  However, he has said in public that Americans who disagree with him politically ???don???t deserve the freedoms in the Constitution.???  Rights for foreign terrorists, but not for American businessmen!

So here you???ve got Lautenberg droning on about the products of Koch Industries, hoping to get a boycott going??? and apparently not caring that Koch Industries is a substantial employer in New Jersey.  There is no good time for politicians to declare war on law-abiding American job creators, but this is a particularly bad time.  If Lautenberg???s boycott threat proved successful, the primary effect would be putting people in New Jersey (and other states) out of work.

His constituents would be paying the price for daring to accept employment with lawful enterprises, guilty of no crime, save ownership by people who politically disagree with Democrats.  When, exactly, was that legislated as a crime?  And if it hasn???t been, why are We the People allowing crackpots to use the Senate floor as a theatrical stage for their political vendettas, when they have far more urgent business to take care of ??? such as heading off the apocalypse of Taxmageddon, or at least passing a budget for the bloated government that???s about to tax us to death?