???A Clear Choice???

Mitt Romney capitalized on his stellar performance in Pennsylvania yesterday, and President Obama???s horrifying ???you didn???t build that??? speech, to produce one of the best campaign ads of the election, ???A Clear Choice.???  It???s a profound illustration of the contrast between Romney and Obama, and the choice facing Americans, accomplished by nothing more than cutting between the two speeches.

Romney seems to have been galvanized by the events of the past two weeks.  He???s got a reputation for caution and careful planning, which some observers feel are desirable traits in a chief executive, but liabilities on the modern turbo-charged no-holds-barred campaign trail.  During the primary debates, I occasionally criticized him for speaking in bullet points, as though willing a Power Point presentation to appear in the air over his head.  That???s not a bad way to think, but it can be a little unsatisfying during a campaign performance.  Voters are looking for a big picture backed by competence and solid planning, rather than a mess of details they must stare at to conjure a vision of America in 2013, like one of those magic-dot pictures you stare at until a 3-D image of the White House appears.

Something really??? clicked with Romney after Obama gave that awful speech in Virginia.  Something ignited after Romney got a good, long look at Chicago thug politics.  May it burn brightly through November, and beyond.  I hope this campaign ad is like a movie trailer for the first presidential debate, because it looks like a blockbuster.