This week in Congress: Spending bills, drone hearing

Congress will start turning its attention to the 12 annual spending bills to get as many of the measures passed as they can before their summer vacation/reelection campaign begins in earnest in August.

It is likely the House or Senate may turn to defense spending and other issues this week that are complicated by sequestration.

The Senate has also signaled it will turn to cybersecurity issues this month, and the House is preparing to pass the massive farm bill.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) says they will take up a measure to extend former President George W. Bush???s tax cuts before the August break, while in the Senate Democrats are having a harder time bringing up a more limited tax break measure for a vote.

Committee schedules are packed this week. On Tuesday the House Foreign Affairs Committee will look at the global challenges on Lyme disease.

The House Financial Services Committee will examine monetary policy and the state of the economy on Wednesday and the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on facial recognition technology and civil liberty issues.

Also on Wednesday the House Armed Services Committee will examine defense sequestration impacts on U.S. businesses, and the House Natural Resources Committee will markup a bill to replace a plan by President Barack Obama to limit drilling on the outer continental shelf.

A transportation subcommittee will hold a hearing titled ???A Decade After 9/11, Could American Flight Schools Still Unknowingly Be Training Terrorists???? and the House Homeland Security Committee will examine the use of unmanned aerial systems.