Romney uses political jiujutsu on Obama outsourcing attack

A tough new ad from the Romney campaign throws Barack Obama???s phony ???outsourcing??? attacks right back in his face, citing the President???s dishonest campaign as evidence of his poor leadership:

It was a nice touch slipping in the dig about Obama???s treatment of Hillary Clinton in 2008.  Clinton might have joined Team Obama as Secretary of State, but many of her supporters are still sore about the tactics Obama employed against her during the presidential primary.

Incidentally, more prominent Democrats are turning out to have precisely the kind of offshore financial connections they???ve tried to criticize Mitt Romney for.  The latest revelations concern top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, who turns out to have a six-figure line of credit from an insurance company in Bermuda, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who scored a sweet multi-million-dollar payoff from an investment group focused on investing in Asia.

Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller notes a media report on Pelosi???s investment group that was titled ???Designed in California, Made in Manila,??? which is not exactly helpful for one of the top officials in a Party that wants to pick a fight about ???offshoring.???

As we turn up more of these big-bucks offshore financial ties by Democrats, let us remember that nothing is illegal or unscrupulous about them (at least, not any that have come to light thus far.)  They???re only troubling to people who retain the capacity for rational thought, and have been taking anything the Democrats say about outsourcing seriously.  Admittedly, that???s probably a very small segment of the population.