White House denouces 'quixotic' House vote

More than an hour before the House vote to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, the White House denounced the action that it fully expected as ???quixotic??? and an attempt to ???refight the political battles of two and three years ago.???

At the regular briefing for reporters at the White House today, Press Secretary Jay Carney reiterated that the President believes ???the Affordable Health Care Act is the right thing to do.??? He reminded the press corps that the controversial measure has been ???upheld by the Supreme Court??? and the anticipated vote by the House is, ???by my own count, the 33rd time there has been a vote to repeal or defund??? the act known popularly as ???Obamacare.???

Clearly anticipating that the 33rd vote would be no different from the other two, Carney denounced the anticipated action in the House as ???a quixotic attempt to score political points??? by the Republicans.

???We don???t need to refight the battles of two or three years ago,??? declared the President???s top spokesman, taking a strong partisan tone. He went on to say that ???casting these votes does nothing to help the middle class, does nothing to send an 18-year-old to college, does nothing to build new industry, and certainly does nothing to provide health care??? to those who are desperately in need of it.

Repeating earlier remarks from the Administration that the health care legislation ???has been passed and upheld,??? Carney maintained that the President is now ???focused on implementing it.???

In what is becoming standard campaign year fare from the podium at the James Brady Briefing Room, Carney used the statement on the health care vote to move on to another call for Congress to enact ???extending the middle class tax cuts??? that the President called for Monday.

???Everybody seems to agree that the economy is the central issue for our time,??? he said, ???We should be focused on that.???