Barack Obama, grand master of outsourcing

The only Obama political attack that hasn???t blown up in his face is his claim that Mitt Romney ???outsourced??? a large number of jobs during his years with private equity firm Bain Capital.  These Obama attacks are demonstrably false, having been shredded by fact checkers both left and right.  A local TV news station in Florida became the latest to demolish these false Obama attack ads, which pour in remarkable volume from a candidate who spends a great deal of time complaining about “negative campaigns”:

Obama has distorted the term ???outsourcing??? to include Bain investments in companies with overseas operations, even when no American jobs were actually ???transferred??? overseas.  Obama also castigated Romney for vetoing a sloppy, hideously expensive anti-outsourcing bill when he was governor of Massachusetts, but it was a move applauded by liberals and conservatives alike.  Romney???s prediction that the company targeted by the bill (a call center for electronic food stamp cards ??? no wonder Obama loves this story!) would simply ???outsource??? its jobs to a different state proved entirely accurate.  At least this particular slander is consistent with the principles of Obamanomics, in which the cost and inefficiency of government programs are directly proportional to Obama???s enthusiasm for them.

Many of the Obama attacks rely upon his well-established tactic of somehow blaming Romney for events that occurred at Bain Capital after he left. This is especially rich coming from the President who insists no one should ???read too much??? into the last thirty dismal unemployment reports under his tenure.  Obama still isn???t accountable for any of his actions as President, three and a half years into his term, but Romney is responsible for things that happened at Bain Capital when he didn???t even work there?

Still, the ???outsourcing??? slander seems to have gained a bit of traction with the public, perhaps because they???ve heard years of complaints about Big Business shipping jobs overseas.  Many people have been conditioned to believe wealthy investors and business executives are amoral and unpatriotic, so the outsourcing attack folds neatly into the anti-capitalist, class-warfare rhetoric of this President.

The truth, as laid out by a new Republican National Committee website called Obamanomics Outsourced, is that Barack Obama is the undisputed grand master of ???outsourcing.???  No one has sent as many American jobs overseas as this President.  Billions of his ???stimulus??? dollars went to overseas firms, from electric car companies to wind turbine manufacturers.  As the RNC recalls, Obama explicitly promised in 2008 that his ???new energy jobs??? would ???pay well and can???t be outsourced.???  They???ve even provided an interactive map of the world, where users can click on a country and see how much taxpayer loot Obama has shipped there.

But there???s even more to the bill of particulars against Obama the Outsourcer than his taxpayer-funded overseas ???investments.???  America gained the highest corporate tax rates in the world on Obama???s watch, and he???s created a regulatory nightmare machine that works to ???crucify??? American businesses, as one of his EPA bureaucrats famously put it.  These are powerful incentives for businesses to move their operations overseas.  Executives who would prefer to keep those operations closer to home find it increasingly unreasonable to do so.

Whether or not any individual decision to move jobs overseas is ???justified??? will always be a judgment call??? but who, in their right minds, could look at President Obama???s record and conclude he???s the right person to make it?  He certainly doesn???t seem to have a problem with his good friends, like General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt ??? chairman of the President???s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness ??? moving jobs overseas.

Barack Obama flew to Brazil to provide strong encouragement, and U.S. taxpayer support, for the very same offshore drilling operations he destroyed in the United States through regulatory fiat.  How could anyone deny that???s ???outsourcing,??? implemented through compulsive government force, on a scale beyond anything Mitt Romney has even been falsely accused of?

The number of Americans renouncing their citizenship to escape Obama???s taxes has more than doubled over the past year ??? a dramatic outsourcing of job-creating wealth and talent.  There is particular anxiety over the looming threat of Taxmaggedon on January 1 ??? which Obama resolutely refuses to avoid, except for a tepid one-year means-tested stay of execution for people his ideology defines as ???middle class.???  The latest high-profile journey overseas to avoid confiscatory U.S. taxes was undertaken by socialite Denise Rich??? whose ex-husband Marc Rich is the tax cheat Bill Clinton pardoned on his last day in office, after Denise Rich made lavish contributions to his presidential library and political campaigns.  That???s gratitude for you!

And let???s not forget that Obama abused his executive powers to dump 800,000 work permits on illegal aliens.  He can outsource your job to foreign workers even if the bricks and mortar of the business remain on American soil.

Obama makes a lot of noise about other people outsourcing jobs, but he never puts his political capital where his mouth is.  The Washington Post ran a story on Monday about liberal critics unhappy because Obama ???walked away from the campaign commitments??? he made on outsourcing, in the words of Robert E. Scott, a ???pro-labor advocate??? from the liberal Economic Policy Institute.  The only measure Obama shows much enthusiasm for is ending tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas, but ???neither Democrats in the Senate nor Republicans in the House have taken up the measure,??? and the President doesn???t seem to be twisting his Party???s arm to get it done.

Of course, the liberal approach to ???outsourcing??? is hopelessly wrong-headed.  The true solution lies with reducing the tax and regulatory burden on American businesses, not building barbed-wire tax fences around the borders and passing measures to punish anyone who manages to climb over them.  We should have a stampede of foreign companies racing to move operations into the United States, which ought to be the best place in the world to open a business of any size.

Instead, the Left moans about outsourcing because it reduces the supply of captive subjects for their socio-economic experiments.  It also has the potential to make them look bad with the public, if voters shut out the class-warfare static long enough to wonder exactly why executives from Ohio would find it more practical to build a new factory in China.  No wonder socialists like Obama are working so hard to transform the chant of ???outsourcing??? into a magic spell that only works against their political enemies.