Gingrich: President Obama must tell ???grotesque lies??? to get re-elected

The keys to victory for Mitt Romney this fall against President Barack Obama are amassing a formidable campaign war chest, projecting an unshakable confidence in the country???s future and marshalling conservative fear and anger.

That???s according to former Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, who told editors and reporters at Human Events Monday that voters are fearful of economic uncertainty and are looking for a leader to put the country on solid footing.

???He has to find a confidence about the future so that when you hear him in his convention speech, it should be more about the world after Obama — not about Obama — but about why this is going to be better, why this is going to work,??? Gingrich said.

???He needs to find a way of focusing the fear and the anger of the conservative movement back on Obama and on the Democratic Senate,??? the former House Speaker from Georgia said.

Obama is already spending a lot of money and using up his ammunition against Romney early in the contest, putting the president in a vulnerable position, Gingrich said.

???Obama is pounding on Romney right now with desperation, and he???s not breaking through. He ain???t above 50,??? Gingrich said, in reference to recent polls. Rasmussen???s daily presidential tracking poll showed Mitt Romney at 46 percent and President Obama at 45 percent.

In 2008, Obama beat former Republican presidential nominee John McCain in Indiana because he outspent him 10-1, and used the same successful strategy of massive spending to win in Montana and North Carolina. And, Gingrich pointed out that Romney raised $4.3 million in the 24-hour period following the Supreme Court decision in favor of ObamaCare.

???All of a sudden you are going to have a campaign around Labor Day in which the president and his allies I think are going to be outspent three-to-one. Money does matter — Romney is going to come into the general election with massive more resources,??? Gingrich said.

Romney needs to consistently remind voters, that no matter what they think of the former Massachusetts governor, he has not caused them the pain Obama has, Gingrich said.

???You have a lot of people out there who are both angry with Obama and frightened of him,??? Gingrich said.

???The fact is, Barack Obama cannot tell the truth and get elected. Our goal should be to get to the point in early September where the average person goes, ???oh that???s just another Obama lie.??????

???The only way he has a prayer of getting reelected ??? is to tell grotesque lies,??? Gingrich said.