Liberty or death

???Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.??? President Ronald Reagan

When I was a kid in the late 1970s, the Fourth of July was the holiday that was the most fun.  I grew up on a busy New York City block, 44th Street in Astoria, Queens.  Our residential concrete world was lined with apartment buildings, just a few trees, and parked cars.  This may sound hard, but it was not.  Our block was filled with families, dozens of children, ranging in all ages; we were friends, had respect for each other, and built bonds that would last a lifetime.

We formed clicks based upon age groups. The older kids looked out for the younger ones, oftentimes siblings of one another. We played games such as: hopscotch, bottle caps, stick ball, manhunt, and Johnny rides a pony.  We played outside, not indoors stuck behind a TV set overwhelmed with sexed up media and public propaganda.

My family was hugely patriotic as were many of my neighbors and friends.  For the Lacomba family American freedom was especially adored.  My father, having escaped communist Cuba as a young man, rebel and journalist was fighting the good fight for freedom against Castro???s communist regime until he was thrown in jail and sentenced to death.

By the grace of God he was able to escape on a boat to New York harbor and receive political asylum from a country he would later call home.  He told me to kiss the ground I walk on, because I live in America, a nation that is free.

It was my father who framed a replica of the United States Constitution on our living room wall. He loves America so much, maybe more than most people.  I often read and reread that document knowing my father was my hero, ultimate protector and the smartest man I will ever know. I would hang on to his every word, I still do.

Many of us went to the Roman Catholic Church, St. Joseph???s on Sundays located on the corner, with our families.  We greeted each other with big smiles and handshakes.  At around 6:00 PM each night like clockwork the children would go home for family dinner, and resume play outside shortly thereafter, particularly during the summer months.

Across the street from my home lived a family of four.  The youngest child???s name was ???Joey??? whose birthday fell on the Fourth of July. The father of the family would purchase the best fireworks year after year in honor of America and to celebrate Joey???s birthday.  Everyone in the neighborhood knew Joey for his unique birthday, and knew 44th Street to be the preferred block to see an awesome firework display.

One year on Fourth of July, I got into an argument with my brother, Peter, and because I would receive a small joy out of making him cry, I pulled my leg back and kicked him in the chins as hard as I could, this was the one area that would bring Peter to his knees in pain.  Now, don???t get me wrong, I love my brother with all my heart, but we were kids only 14 months apart in age, it was natural for us to fight.

My parents didn???t think too kindly of my unruly behavior and grounded me from that evening???s firework display.  Being the stubborn little girl that I was, however, I watched and enjoyed the firework display from my bedroom window.  As far as I was concerned, I didn???t miss a beat, and my brother surely deserved the swift kick in the shins, regardless.

Let???s fast forward thirty years.  America is not America anymore.  Authorities would ban fireworks in my hometown for fear of a lack of safety.  Americans are relegated to public events, where they sit back and watch the government???s display, not one of their own.  Federal and state departments now regulate our every action.  Today, my unruly behavior in 1979 would be considered the no tolerance act of being a ???bully???.

The federal and state departments of _______ (fill in the blank), would have a say in everything we do.  The 1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution would mean nothing anymore.  People in authority enjoy money, power and control over freedom.

Yes, you all know me as an advocate for civil, constitutional rights, but my recent experiences have showed me that my sensible voice has been drowned out by big government control and a public unconcerned and so consumed with their daily lives, ignorance of what is happening to modern day America is the norm.

Wake up America!  If we do not band together to combat the authorities that seek control and power, we will lose it.  Ask your God to protect freedom in America because when America fails to be the bright, shining light of the world, the whole world will be vulnerable to tyranny.

This November, vote for the candidate who respects the Constitution, not just one of its tenants, but all of them; choose a candidate that truly believes in it instead of pretending to  Do not vote political party labels, because they are all to blame for corruption. I beg of you, fight for freedom now, before it???s too late.

Happy Fourth of July!  God bless you all.


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