Obama demands a stake to place more bets

President Obama is getting ready to roll his imperial motorcade through Ohio and Pennsylvania on a bus tour, which his campaign bizarrely decided to call the ???Betting on America??? tour.

This President is the last person on Earth who should be using the word ???bet??? in any rhetorical connection with his record, which has featured some of the most spectacularly failed ???bets??? the world has ever seen: Solyndra, Fisker, Tesla Motors, Beacon Power, Ener1, A123 Systems, Abound Solar, SunPower, Amonix, Evergreen Solar, Solar Trust for America???

These ???bets??? got us a level of ???green job creation??? roughly 95 percent smaller than what Obama predicted, at a current average cost of $1.6 million per green job created.  Watching him command us to empty our wallets so he can stagger back to the craps table for another throw of the dice is pathetic.

Even funnier is what Politico reports Obama will be saying about his 2012 opponent from his million-dollar bulletproof Canadian-built bus: ???The President???s vision stands in stark contrast to Mitt Romney, who believes in an economy built from the top down and supports the same policies that crashed our economy and devastated the middle class in the first place.  As a corporate buyout specialist, he made massive profits by shuttering plants, firing workers and investing in companies that pioneered shipping of good American jobs overseas.???

No one has ever believed more passionately in an ???economy built from the top down??? than Barack Hussein Obama, whose blind faith in command economics and central planning have driven America to the edge of ruin.  Nothing is more ???top down??? than a politician in Washington dropping huge piles of debt on generations to come, in order to over-ride market decisions, choosing ???winners??? with bailouts and directing his regulatory agencies to create ???losers??? in accordance with his ideology.

As for the President???s latest exploding cigar, his fraudulent ???outsourcing??? talking point, even the Washington Post ??? which agreeably manufactured headlines to help Obama launch the attack ??? has been forced to back away.  The Post???s fact-checker was pushed into the humiliating situation of claiming his paper???s story refuted its own headline, provided alert readers read the story with sufficient care and skepticism.  Then he cravenly refused to rate the falsehood of the Post???s story and subsequent Obama ads with his usual ???Pinocchio??? system, saying only that they ???would not fare much better??? than an Obama ad he already blasted with a four-Pinocchio rating. tore the Obama campaign???s ???outsourcing??? attack on Romney to shreds, describing its evidence for the claim as ???weak or non-existent.???  Among Obama???s lies and prevarications was a now-familiar tendency to blame Romney for decisions made at Bain Capital after he left the company.

But of course, Obama will repeat these false attacks, because he assumes his voters are ignorant, and he can frighten them into supporting his campaign by chanting devil words like ???corporate buyout specialist.???  Headlines and snippets from the entirely discredited Washington Post story will surely pop up in Obama ads, leading low-information voters to assume his false attacks have been verified by major media investigators.

Meanwhile, no small amount of that Obama ???stimulus??? money went overseas, and the best his apologists can do is claim that at least some of that money probably created some American jobs temporarily.

Watching Obama posture as a believer in some sort of ???bottom-up??? or ???middle-out??? economy is simply risible, and if any self-respecting Americans decide to attend his appearances in Pennsylvania and Ohio, they???ll laugh him off the stage.  It’s almost as bad to hear him characterize America’s future as a game of chance, in which he will simultaneously place bets and deal the cards.

The United States is not meant to be a huge gambling table, where powerful politicians gamble our futures on the chance of winning a majestic legacy for themselves.  Investment is not a game of chance, in which cards are blindly plucked from a deck until a winning hand takes shape.  Faith in the people of America is not displayed by seizing their assets and imposing huge programs to micro-manage their lives.

Obama recently caricatured his adversaries??? belief in economic liberty as ???you???re=on-your-own economics.???  Now he claims he???s ???betting on America.???  So he???s ???betting??? on the people he thinks cannot be trusted to manage their own affairs?  Taken together, those are the statements of a crooked gambler who believes primarily in his own ability to rig the system.  Obama is already a proven loser, six trillion dollars in the hole, and we???ve run out of money to cover his losses.

Update: Americans for Prosperity president Tim Phillips also found Obama’s “Betting on America” slogan troubling.  “It???s time for President Obama to stop gambling the nation???s future away with his failed economic policies, government cronyism and punitive tax increases for America???s families,” said Phillips.  “Not only have Obama???s risky bets failed to get the country back into the black, but his gambling has wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.”

AFP has their own list of Top 5 Failed Obama Bets, in which they branch out beyond his “green energy” disasters to include ObamaCare, skyrocketing national debt, overseas spending, and the TARP bailouts.