Hollywood & Slime: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes split

This long and tumultuous political week ends in star-studded break-up news, sure to be felt in Hollywood with the same ferocity as the John Roberts tiebreaker on Obamacare was in Washington: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing. Shocker or not? Our celebrity Spidey-sense devours this clue: Katie is the one who filed ??? not Tom. AND, she wants full custody. Sniffing further, we wonder if hubbie???s ongoing and well-publicized devotion to his ???religion??? may offer some clues. Simply speculating. He???s on marriage three. This was Katie???s first. His split with Nicole Kidman remains a mystery. Stay tuned for more details as the publicity machines for both prepare for public battle.

It is somewhat hard to feel bad for Ann Curry, who is departing as a Today Show host but moving over to a news coverage role at NBC and a fat paycheck that will reportedly bring her about $10 million in severance alone. She was a solid emotional core on the very ego-bloated Today couch. We felt she cared about the people she covered, and given the current news environment, that is a very important thing. Savannah Guthrie is Ann???s reported replacement. Meh. Sort of a snooze. She???s suitably attractive and smart???a newer model???but will not move the ratings needle an inch. Just watch.

The songbird that is the always-fab Mary J. Blige has a commercial chicken problem and what is culture???s loss is Burger King???s gain. ???I would never just bust out singing about chicken and chicken wings,??? the Wall Street Journal quotes the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul from in interview with Hot 97 radio. You can see her ad spot and read about the quagmire of stereotypes here.

For all you literary titans out there: Kendall and Kylie Jenner ??? the youngest daughters of Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame, are penning a teen novel, expected to be finished sometime next summer. This family is a marketing machine, but we???re pretty sure the Hunger Games and Harry Potter franchises will remain safe. PS: We do hope Kourtney and Scott get married. Their complicated relationship seems genuine, They fight, they have issues, the love each other, obvi. We have come to have great affection for that Scott and all of his preening oddities. We also think Lamar is a dear man.

Speaking of weddings: Country singer Wynnona Judd has wed for the third time to a dude named Cactus Moser, who is tagged in media reports as a cowboy. Alrighty, then. Rope, ride and Mazel Tov, kids!

Love Adele. That big, original voice that she owns, the salty language, the don???t-give-a-flip attitude ??? all Cockney punk, and now??? a baby on the way. The Brit pop sensation announced on her website Friday that she and boyfriend Simon Konecki are expecting. What a year she has had on every level, right? She must be rolling in deep dough and delight.

We are a huge fan of the author and very funny Gigi Levangie Grazer, whose barely fictionalized accounts of women surviving and triumphing in the world of Hollywood are so delightful and spot-on. Her latest is The After Wife, which we highly recommend as a summer beach read. Chick lit lives. And there is no shame in a quick, fun read. Not everyone needs to be a policy wonkette 24-7.

Speaking of funny vixens, true to the voice and spirit of real women everywhere??? we shall miss the wit and pen of Nora Ephron, whose writing and filmmaking was divine. She left us too soon at 71 and we thank her for the laughter, the tears. And the smarts. RIP.

Rielle Hunter and John Edwards have reportedly split. To quote our fave Coach Lee Corso: Not so fast my friends. This announcement is simply to take the heat off of Miss Hunter???s book tour, where her nasty, matter-of-fact drubbing of the late Elizabeth Edwards is not selling so well in the court of public opinion. They’re still together. She’s doing damage control for the few friends and family each has left. Let???s do the math: you cheated with her husband, you lied to the world, spend thousands of dollars of someone else’s money AND you???re drubbing the dead ex-wife on national TV. After a nasty trial, no less. Yowza. Rhymes with witch.

And finally??? maybe the most readable bit in mag-world is the long-running Proust Questionnaire fielded in Vanity Fair magazine. We could read these all day long. So illuminating.. If you???re not a fan, you should be. Here???s the latest, from romance novelista extraordinaire Danielle Steele.