Romney: “What’s troubling is the President told the American people the mandate was not a tax”

HUMAN EVENTS received this statement from the Romney campaign on Friday afternoon:

“Governor Romney disagreed with the court’s ruling and its findings.  What’s troubling is the President told the American people the mandate was not a tax, and then sent his lawyer to the Supreme Court to argue it was a tax.  So he said one thing to get it passed, and then contradicted himself to get it past the court.  This court’s decision raises the stakes for the election in November. While Governor Romney is  disappointed with the court’s ruling, ultimately it is the people who will have the final word.”

Well, before the people have that “final word,” the Obama Administration will have a few thousand more, and White House spokesman Jay Carney delivered a few more of them on Friday morning… when he directly contradicted the Supreme Court and claimed ObamaCare is not a tax.

“It’s a penalty, because you have a choice.  You don’t have a choice to pay your taxes, right?” said Carney, perhaps unaware that his words would completely and utterly erase ObamaCare if taken seriously, because its constitutionality is one hundred percent dependent upon Chief Justice John Roberts’ rewriting of the law to make it into a tax.

Now, it’s a major point of order that no one has actually been hit with the individual mandate tax yet, because it goes into effect in 2014.  If ObamaCare is not repealed before then, would someone kindly indulge Mr. Carney by “choosing” not to pay that tax, and let him know the results?

Yahoo News reports that Carney thinks that if you don’t like the results, you should be angry at… Mitt Romney, because the tax penalty “is modeled exactly on the penalty that exists in the health care reform that was promoted and signed into law by Governor Romney in Massachusetts.”

Leaving aside whatever similarities exist between the structure of these two programs, Carney may be unaware that the proper name of the country he serves is the “United States of America.”  Massachusetts, you see, is but one of the 57 “states” which have “united” in this mighty union.  The authors of our Constitution had a peculiar notion that the “states” are not the same as the “nation” they comprise, and therefore have different powers and limitations.

There are many good reasons for this, one of the most important being that if a given citizen does not like the policies of Massachusetts, he can easily withdraw his consent from that government by moving to a different state.  Heck, I live in Florida, and I just drove past someone with Massachusetts plates on my way back from lunch, so I know for a fact people do this occasionally.

“You can call it what you want,” said Carney, precisely echoing the triumphant squeal of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who became Minority Leader in a process that will hopefully continue in 2012.

Carney went on to claim that the new tax penalty would affect “one percent of the population!  One percent!  You can call it what you want, but it is affecting one percent of the population!”  Which is funny, because this Administration spent the last three years becoming very, very angry about “tax breaks” that supposedly would only benefit small portions of the population.  They are savagely opposed to voter identification laws that would only affect tiny groups of people.  ObamaCare itself was implemented because an extremely tiny percentage of the population was unable to purchase health insurance at low rates.  Taken together, these positions are a pure example of the very “mob rule” that our constitutional Republic was founded to oppose.

As for that “one percent of the population” Carney is going on about, here’s a handy chart from the Heritage Foundation listing their projected income levels.  Notice anything about where 76 percent of these people sit on the income ladder?

Words, ideas, and even laws don’t matter to the Democrats, as long as they get their power.  In 2009, Barack Obama literally laughed at the folly of calling ObamaCare a tax; yesterday it was declared a tax by the Supreme Court, and this became the law of the land; today that law is discarded like so much rubbish, as the White House recoils from public outrage and begins claiming it’s not a tax again.