The last moment before the ObamaCare ruling

Today really shouldn’t be happening.  Government should respect the Constitution, not relentlessly attack it until five Supreme Court justices choose to stop defending it.

But in a few minutes, the Supreme Court will pass judgment on the constitutionality of ObamaCare.  It will be a landmark decision, surely the most important of our generation, perhaps among the most important decisions ever.

However, nothing will “end” today, one way or the other.  If ObamaCare is upheld, efforts to repeal it through legislation will continue, and presidential candidate Mitt Romney has vowed to dismantle it through executive orders if he wins the White House.  If these efforts fail, then the relationship between Americans and their government will have been permanently altered, but even that’s not the “end” of the story.  Liberty can be injured grievously by bad law, but it only dies when the free people of the United States allow it to… and their children may yet revive it.

Likewise, those who sincerely believe the government must directly manage the health of its citizens will be free to seek out Constitutionally acceptable ways to fulfill their agenda, if ObamaCare is struck down.  The tension between liberty and government is perpetual.  Freedom is a never-ending topic of debate, and this is proper, because we must be free to consider the possibility of both expanding and contracting our government.  Few of the great questions remaining to us will ever really be “settled” forever.

I believe that ObamaCare is part of a process driving America towards utter fiscal collapse.  We are within sight of the day when all the money in the world has been spent, and the fiction of Big Government’s promises can no longer be sustained.  We will either turn away from insolvency, or break ourselves into ruin against it.  Either way, the American story will continue.  We will carry on.  I would encourage my fellow citizens to find the wisdom, and faith in themselves, to dismantle the machinery of the unsustainable State before it overloads and explodes… but if not, we will convene again on the far side of those terrible days, and hopefully try to do better.

No matter how the Court decides, I hope this becomes a moment when Americans seriously consider the value of their liberty.  I hope they will measure the power of voluntary cooperation against the hollow boasts of central command.  ObamaCare is a dramatic evolution, but it was hardly a “new” idea.  We’ve had varying levels of government control over health care for a very long time.  We’ve never had anything like a “free market.”  Should we give it a try, before ruling it out?

And even if we are willing to let the State rule out those free markets, that ruling may also be overturned someday.