The Star-Spangled Banner Challenge

Did you know some people hate America’s national anthem?  It’s true!  They think it’s too militaristic and bombastic.  It’s got rockets glaring redly, bombs bursting in air, perilous fighting, stars spangling all over the place, and it claims all the brave people live here.

I never understood how anyone could dislike the Star Spangled Banner, because it’s more fun to watch enthusiastic amateurs sing it than any other national anthem ever conceived.  Scan a stadium crowd, and watch for the looks of panic as the high note approaches.  It’s like an entire NASCAR rally packed into a single song.

Rock group Madison Rising, which is quite capable of hitting every note involved, recently produced a great version of the Star Spangled Banner.  They’re trying to get a million views and downloads by Election Day.  In the spirit of that brave flag rising defiantly against a hail of cannon fire, they put together a video taunting those who hate the national anthem.  YouTube makes defiance fun.

And here’s a good stiff dose of that “military jargon”: