Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not stopping anything

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose uncompromising determination to enforce immigration law is a matter of legend, appeared on Fox News with Neil Cavuto on Monday afternoon to discuss the Supreme Court???s decision on the Arizona immigration law:

Arpaio saw the Court ruling as a mixed blessing, and expressed concern that the federal government would ???pick up the illegal aliens that law enforcement and my office come into contact with.???  In fact, he???s more than concerned, since between President Obama???s ???DREAM Act by fiat??? and the petulant statements pouring out of the Administration after yesterday???s ruling, the feds have made it fairly clear that they aren???t interested in enforcing the immigration laws of the United States against violators detected by state authorities??? particularly those in Arizona.

???There seems to be a war against Arizona over this illegal immigration problem,??? Arpaio astutely observed.  The Obama Administration is considerably more comfortable with the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt than the offices of Arizona governor Jan Brewer.  Of course, if Brewer decided to make friends with the Obama Administration by joining the Muslim Brotherhood, her state???s immigration policies would become far more restrictive ??? probably at least as draconian as Mexico???s.

???By the way, I???m not stopping anything,??? Arpaio assured the audience.  ???I???m going to continue to enforce those state laws, regardless of what the federal government is trying to put pressure on me to satisfy all these activists, which by the way are in front of my building right now.  Three and a half years they???ve been in front of my building.  So, I???m not going to bend to the federal government, especially when we still have state laws to enforce.???

Most provocatively, after noting that his Supreme Court-affirmed right to detect illegal aliens ???every hour, on the hour??? doesn???t mean much if the federal government has no interest in protecting American citizenship, Arpaio said he has ???a couple of strategies, which I???m not going to reveal right now??? for dealing with this Kafkaesque absurdity.

Meanwhile, he intends to continue turning illegal aliens he apprehends over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Arpaio praised the good working relationship he???s enjoyed with local agents thus far, but predicted pressure from the top of the Obama Administration would bring that era of cooperation to an end.

The public is very much on Arpaio???s side.  A new Rasmussen poll taken right before the Court handed down its decision on Monday revealed that ???most voters still want an immigration law like Arizona???s in their own state.???  55 percent of likely voters wanted to see the Supreme Court uphold Arizona???s immigration law, while only 26 percent wanted the law overturned.

But of course, those are ???likely voters,??? which means ???legal citizens,??? so their opinion on this matter does not figure heavily into Barack Obama???s re-election strategy.  American citizens no longer have much to say about what citizenship means.