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Hollywood & Slime: Julia Louis-Dreyfus funnier than Biden as veep

Better than warm cookies, soft puppies and a righteous Jeremy Piven diatribe is HBO‚??s new series “Veep.”

Better than warm cookies, soft puppies and a righteous Jeremy Piven diatribe is HBO‚??s new series ‚??Veep.‚?Ě It‚??s our total favorite since ‚??Entourage‚?Ě went off the air. And its honesty in portraying the myriad political d-bags in Washington‚??s highest offices is refreshing. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is genius as the vice president — funnier than the actual vice president who continues to amuse with some comic stuff that you just can’t make it up. Watch this, evil, frat boy policy hacks, jockeying for power, eating your young. You‚??ll resemble this show. You will.

Is anyone else saddened that ‚??Car Talk‚?Ě is going off the air? Click and Clack were fabulous. A dark day for public radio and for people who buy¬† — and fix — really bad cars.

That icy and rarely smiling Kristen Stewart of Twilight film fame is the nation‚??s highest paid actress, Forbes magazine reports. Angelina Jolie comes in second followed by Sandra Bullock. Our favorite remains Reese for obvi reasons. Wonder when her baby is due.

Ladies, that delicious little freak Johnny Depp is apparently a free man after splitting from longtime love interest and French actress Vanessa Paradis. Now is your time to move in. He‚??s vulnerable. He needs a good haircut and a bath. He owns his own island, too.

As we predicted‚?¶ ahem: John Edwards and Rielle Hunter remain quite chummy, even as her tell-all book is publishing to what are certain to be tepid reviews. Check out the controversial couple‚??s latest beach romp in North Carolina with their love child Quinn. PS: If we were that pale, we would not wear a white tankini. Oh, and Johnny boy is working on a pretty serious gut.

Speaking of creeps: Jon Gosselin has finally apologized to his wife Kate of ‚??Plus 8‚?Ě fame. Their divorce was ugly and paraded on reality TV like a trainwreck, Now it seems both are focusing on the happiness of their kids. Jon has also moved close to home in Berks, Pa., where he‚??s working as a sales and promotion director, PEOPLE magazine reports.

A hearty mazel tov to our fave veep Dick Cheney. His daughter Mary has married her longtime partner Heather Poe. In a statement, Mr. Cheney and his wife Lynne offered their congrats, too. “Mary and Heather have been in a committed relationship for many years, and we are delighted that they were able to take advantage of the opportunity to have that relationship recognized. Mary and Heather and their children are very important and much loved members of our family and we wish them every happiness.”

Heavy metal spawn Jack Osbourne has announced that he has multiple sclerosis. We are saddened by this news, just as he seemed to be getting his own life together with some nice weight loss and with a new baby. We love his kooky family ‚?? all of them survivors — and hope his case does not turn out to be so severe.

Robin Roberts of ABC morning television fame has announced she has a rare blood disorder and will later undergo a blood marrow transplant. There are few women who are so strong, open and resolute in broadcasting and so we wish her well in her latest struggle. Her battle over breast cancer was muy inspiring. And despite her harrowing medical issues, she manages to look radiant every day.

‚??Rock of Ages‚?Ě is not a great film, but we liked it. Sort of one, long 80s music-inspired episode of ‚??Glee.‚?Ě Tom Cruise is fabulous as aging rocker Stacy Jaxx ‚?? his posing and stage work is spot-on for the era and his body looks amazing, a real endorsement for tattoos and leather pants. Oh, and one ridiculously metalicious Satan codpiece. The one issue for his character: boy needed a spray tan. Distractingly pasty. And little Julianne Hough, with her Farrah Fawcett hair, is adorbs as the girl lead. She is sweetly perfect down to her pores. Oh, an finally, a shout out to the fierce Mary J. Blige, who can do just about anything, including act. Sending out some real love to you , girl.

Prince William turned 30 ‚?? let‚??s let him be king. Smashing job already, mate.

Speaking of Britain: the summer Olympics start next month and that can mean only one thing: gymnastics. Totally our favorite. A must-watch, year after year, not unlike the ice skating we love in the winter games.

Nick Lachey and his way preggers wife Vanessa seem like normal people, no? They spend much of their time in Cincinnati, Nick‚??s hometown, and from their Tweets, have settled into some sweet wedded bliss. We like them. And their Hollywood peers could take a lesson.

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