Barack Obama, wedding crasher

It seems that the folks in the Obama bunker in Chicago must have had a melt-down of sorts this past week. Not sure if they are catching a lot of flak from the boss about missing his fundraising goals for the month or what.

Our current look at the rankings shouldn’t have them all that concerned. In fact, it appears that President Obama is gaining momentum online. Today he has a commanding presence on both Facebook and Twitter with 27.1 million likes and more than 16.9 million followers respectively.

In comparison, Mitt Romney seems to be celebrating his ability to edge over the 2 million mark in Facebook likes (2,054,280) and lagging the president badly on Twitter, with 578,244 followers.

Could it be that the president and his team are concerned about all of that “Bain money” within the Romney bank account coming back to bite them this fall?

I can’t seem to figure out why that “smart” team in Chicago decided to launch the “gift registry” idea. In concept, the campaign is asking those couples who have weddings between now and Election Day to solicit their wedding guests for donations to the Obama campaign. All of this seems like a very bad version of the Wedding Crashers movie plot. How dare anyone think so highly of themselves to invite themselves to a private ceremony and potentially hijack the proceedings with an appeal for campaign donations to the reelection campaign of the President of the United States? Has this country truly gone mad?

In the interest of trying to be of service to the other side, I thought that I might provide a number of my own suggestions for new campaign financing tactics. Not sure that president Obama and his team have had time to think of these as yet. Although at this point, nothing would truly surprise me.

If as a country, the garnering of campaign donations has become so vital to the vital interests of our union that we have sunk to the lowness of asking for wedding gifts to be diverted to reelection campaigns, it won’t be long before some of “my” ideas make their way to your favorite blog and/or social media site.

Obama Baby Showers – Why stop with wedding gifts? Be Honest. Do you and your spouse need all of those extra diapers, bottles, toys and baby clothes? You know that in several months all of these well-meaning gifts will be worthless. Your newborn bundle of joy will most definitely grow out of them quickly. Why have your friends and family members waste their hard earned dollars? Shower these gifts over to the Obama campaign team. They will most definitely show you how to make “much better” use of those baby bucks.

Give to the Obama Fund — I love going to the movies, especially during the summer blockbuster season. Typically right before the previews of coming attractions, there is a great one-minute trailer promoting the work of the “Jimmy Fund”. No matter how many times I watch that video, like many of you, I can’t resist the need to dig deep and support this worthwhile cause. I have to believe with President Obama’s connections with Hollywood that it won’t be long before we see an Obama trailer and a second passing of the “Obama Fund” donation plate around the theater. Heck, no doubt the president could pick up a couple extra bucks here.

Obama Bazaars – summer is here and many local towns throughout the country will be holding county fairs and carnivals. There will be plenty of rides, food and craft booths. Americans love to take their chances at games of skill while the kids ride roller coasters and merry go rounds. Is there any reason President Obama shouldn’t include himself in this money making opportunity? I can see the Democrats promoting the “Dunk Romney” tank. A local volunteer could don a Mitt Romney mask and sit above the dunk tank. Fair-goers will stand in line to pay $10 a ball to “dunk Romney,” knowing that all of their hard earned cash will go towards helping the president win reelection.

Obama Cookies — We have all at one time or another had a friend, relative and/or colleague’s daughter ring our door bell selling Girl Scout cookies. Over the last decade, if you are like me you have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars supporting these great kids and the work that the Scouting program provides. How about we leverage the power of this army of young girls to support the reelection campaign? Let’s add a couple of new flavors to the “thin mints” and the rest of the assortment. We could call them “president’s choice” — chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snicker doodle, etc. All of the money raised by selling these cookies would go directly to the reelection campaign. I am sure that many of us would stock up.

Obama Boot Campaigns – In many towns around the country there are great volunteer fire department organizations. During the summer months, it’s not unusual to see volunteer firemen and women at intersections collecting funds to support their work utilizing a firemen’s boot. There is absolutely no reason the Obama campaign team shouldn’t leverage this opportunity. I am sure that the president has boots of his own. It’s pretty simple, recruit a group of his loyal followers (Twitter or Facebook) to stand at intersections and collect money. Same drill. You drive by, and throw in your $20 and wish the Obama staffer good luck in beating Romney in the fall. This idea is destined to create traffic jams throughout the land. Just think of the money that could be raised.

There are many more ideas in the DiGuido bunker that could help the president and his team generates even more cash for his fall coffers. It’s crazy the number of ideas that you can come up with when you allow any sense of decency, ethics and common sense to be shelved.

I continue to be dismayed at the lack of true outrage in our country for the idiocy of the tactics being used during this campaign. So many in our country are out of work, many more children and parents are battling cancer, rare blood diseases, severe financial hardship. Countless charitable organizations are suffering due to lack of funding. Against this landscape, our president allows his campaign team to be Wedding Crashers.

Not sure how much more it will take of all of this before the GOP and all Republicans put petty differences aside and join forces to bring real change to Washington. As Americans, we should stand for much better than this.