South Carolina mom billed for cleaning up her son???s blood after illegal alien drunk driver kills him

News station WYFF in South Carolina brings us a tragic tale of outrage, in which a woman named Loretta Robinson was forced to pay for the tow and storage of her son Justin???s wrecked automobile, after he was killed by a drunk driver.  The car had to be stored for several months, in anticipation of a trial for Justin???s killer.  Loretta Robinson was even billed $50 for cleaning Justin???s blood off the street.

Robinson has received some assistance from the state???s victim assistance fund, but as WYFF reports, ???it primarily covers funeral, medical and counseling expenses.???  She???s going to have to shoulder the other bills for cleaning up the scene of her son???s death, because ???she doesn???t expect she???ll get a cent??? from the killer.

Why not?  Because Anna Gonzalez, the woman who killed Justin Robinson, is not a ???drunk driver.???  She???s an illegal alien who never had a driver???s license, even though she???s lived in South Carolina for 12 years.  She was sentenced to 17 years in prison for her role in Robinson???s death.  This fact is not revealed until Page Two of the WYFF web report, and is mentioned late in the video report.

???We have to be able, as a country, to figure out a way [to deal] with people here who are illegal and commit crimes,??? Loretta Robinson is quoted as saying.  Oh, no, we don???t.  In fact, all attempts to figure anything like that out have been deemed presumptively racist.

Are President Obama???s 800,000 new work permits for illegal aliens going to come with driver???s licenses?  Of course not, and even if they did, they wouldn???t be licenses earned in the same sense that legal residents must qualify for driving privileges.  The whole point of Obama???s immigration pander is to relieve illegal immigrants of civic responsibility.

And yet, much of our public infrastructure ??? from taxation and welfare programs to use of the highway system ??? relies upon some expectation of civic responsibility.  We are exempting a huge number of people from compliance with a massive government that was imposed upon the rest of us, in large measure, to ensure our safety.  The last few mechanisms for merely detecting these people are being systematically dismantled, and our media has long since decided that “enlightenment” requires politely refusing to note their existence.  And some of the responsibilities they make a point of avoiding, such as obtaining proper qualifications for the operation of a motor vehicle, exist for very good reasons.