The Domestic Energy and Jobs Act promotes America's energy self-reliance

For the past three years, American families have been faced with many tough choices.  From writing the mortgage check to filling up a tank of gas, the Obama economy has placed a heavy burden on American taxpayers.

Economic policies built around a stimulus that failed to stimulate, a job-killing government takeover of health care, and an endless stream of new government rules and regulations have brought about an America vexed — sinking under the weight of uncertainty.  As a result, the Obama Administration continues to pursue policies that punish or deter job creators, while proclaiming the private sector is ???doing fine.???

Consider this Administration???s energy policies.  Instead of embracing an industry that is leading an American manufacturing renaissance through oil and gas development on private lands, this Administration has pursued a goal of gas prices as high as they are in Europe.  The President has spent hundreds of millions on unworkable ???solutions??? like Solyndra while the Bureau of Labor Management has outstanding permits that account for approximately 65,000 sidelined jobs.  Further, the Administration’s arbitrary and unilateral decision to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline threw another 20,000 American jobs out the window.

Americans deserve an energy plan that embraces all our domestic resources, not singling out pet-projects at the expense of proven technology.

America???s energy future could look a lot different — it could look like North Dakota which is actually investing in a true all-of-the-above energy strategy.  A state that has 3% unemployment — the nation???s lowest, North Dakota recently became the second largest oil producing state, up from ninth, in less than six years.  The 575,000 barrels per day North Dakota produces is helping to make America the fastest growing oil and natural gas producer worldwide.

It???s more than just the oil fields of the Bakken feeling the boom.  Average North Dakota household incomes have risen 38% in the last decade, thanks in no small part to private investment and technological innovation making this oil boom possible.  Far outside the oil field, downtown Bismarck is adding new schools, building new stores and turning businesses on their last leg right side up again.

Domestic energy producers??? significant strides forward have been made in spite of this Administration???s policies that merely provide lip service to domestic production.  The American people deserve a serious approach that invests in all types of energy.  The Domestic Energy and Jobs Act, which is being debated in the House this week, gets Americans working today and builds stronger communities for future generations.

Editor’s note: For more information about the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act, please visit MajorityWhip.Gov