CNN censors Jesse Ventura

What’s with CNN? When former Minnesota Jesse Ventura was being interviewed by Christine Roman, on the show Turning Point, he ended the interview with a feisty endorsement of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who is running as the Libertarian Party candidate for President on all 50 state ballots.

When Ventura complained on air about the mainstream media ignoring Johnson’s candidacy and ended his segment stating “If you really want to rebel then vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party Candidate”- Christine Roman said “My friend, you just got your press coverage”. When CNN posted the interview online they edited out Ventura’s endorsement of Johnson completely.

Jesse ???The Body??? is actually right.

Major New York based media organizations exclude Governor Gary Johnson, a qualified 2-term Governor of New Mexico with an impressive record in that state from their polls and their programming. These media organizations, owned by giant corporations, also like the 2-party monopoly on American politics. CNN is just among the most egregious.

This act of censorship is not surprising. CNN refused to include Johnson in their early Republican Primary Polls then used his absence in the poll to justify excluding him from CNN sponsored debates even at a time that his poll ratings nationally matched or exceeded Rick Santorum and Herman Cain. After Johnson was included in two debates including a memorable Fox Republican debate, CNN adjusted its rules to deny Johnson access to the next debate saying a candidate had to participate in at least three debates to be included.

CNN executives never even gave Johnson the courtesy of responding to his letters of protest. Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus could have intervened on Johnson’s behalf a fact the Chairman may regret if Johnson who bolted the GOP to run as a Libertarian costs Republican Mitt Romney a handful of votes in several swing states handing an election victory to Obama.

The impact of Johnson’s appeal can also roil the Obama campaign. Johnson is hammering Obama over his justice department crackdown on Medicinal Marijuana in the states where it is legal and the Obama administration support for the Billion dollar Afghanistan war and can draw votes from Obama’s left flank in swing states as well.

PPP, one of the few polling organizations smart enough to include Johnson in their swing state polling, shows that for every 4 votes Johnson takes from Romney he takes 2 votes from the President. I expect this ratio to change over time. The final ratio may decide who is the President of the United States.