Obamarule and the killing of the Constitution of the United States

If last Friday’s dictatorial action by President Obama is allowed to stand, historians may someday look back on June 15, 2012 as the day the Constitution died.

The rule of law has been replaced by Obamarule.

The Founding Fathers designed the Constitution to limit the power of politicians.

They had fought an eight year war against the tyranny of King George.

Arbitrary personal decisions that allowed the King to pick winners and losers was a significant part of their grievance against the British Monarchy.

They relied on Montesquieu’s theory of divided power to protect freedom and liberty from politicians.

Now, in one bold move worthy of Hugo Chavez or Vladimir Putin, President Obama has added the role of Congress to that of president.

This may sound melodramatic, but that is only because of the cynicism and shallowness of the modern news media and modern politics.

In declaring that his administration will not deport those who came to this country illegally at a young age, President Obama has suspended the law for approximately 800,000 young people.

In truth, no one knows how many people will be covered by Obamarule. Will more come into the United States while the regulations are being written? Which bureaucrat decided in secret it covered 800,000 people and what was their analysis based on?

Why people 16 and under? Why not 15? Why not 17? Why was serving less than one year in jail okay? Why not zero jail time? Why not 18 months?

How can we verify they have earned an authentic G.E.D. certificate rather than merely bought one?

Why is it a two year waiver rather than a five year waiver?

If Obama has had this power all along why didn’t he use it in January 2009?

The point is not that the United States does not need comprehensive immigration reform. Indeed, immigration reform could help spur the economy and create domestic stability for families here illegally. The point is that we must debate such policy ideas within the proper channels of the legislative branch instead of by executive fiat.

One of the major purposes of the legislative process is to get questions like these out in the open so citizens can see the answers.

Another major purpose of the constitutional division of power is to ensure that no one person can write laws.

In this case the Constitution is clear that Congress sets the rules for naturalization and citizenship.

Finally, the power of Congress to control the executive branch includes the power of the purse.

No money has been appropriated to pay for Obamarule. Any money spent on its implementation without Congressional authorization and appropriation would be clearly unconstitutional and illegal.

No president in our history has been as willing to destroy the Constitution as Obama.

Under the shallowness and cynicism of our Washington establishment we are drifting toward a genuine Constitutional crisis.