"Mr. Clemens you are free to go"

Not guilty on all counts. That???s the return on millions of tax dollars, dozens of witnesses, ludicrous Congressional hearings and nine hours of deliberation. Today, a jury acquitted pitching great Roger Clemens on all counts of lying to Congress about steroids and human growth hormone.

A refresher from USA Today:  “…the process began with a February 2008 congressional hearing in which Clemens made statements to a committee that the government believed to be false, and continued through a mistrial in July 2011.

The case hinged in large part on whether jurors would believe Clemens, 49, who did not testify in his own defense, or Brian McNamee, a onetime strength and conditioning coach who testified with immunity at trial that he injected Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone.”

Listening to politicians grandstand and lecture us about the integrity of professional sports (and, don’t get me wrong, Clemens probably can’t string together three honest words) is almost as torturous as watching a 1-0 pitching duel in August. Then again, on the bright side, the Eric Holder-led Justice Department lost another one today. Chalk up another win for the American people.