Obama???s star-studded New York fundraiser rakes in $2 million

Fresh from delivering what even liberal journalist Jonathan Alter of Newsweek called ???one of the least successful speeches I???ve seen Barack Obama give in several years,??? the Celebrity-In-Chief whirled off to a posh fundraiser in New York City, hosted by actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

Fifty of the fattest fatcats in the land packed into Parker???s tony brownstone and paid $50,000 apiece to listen to Obama drone on some more.  He hammered on the same themes expounded in great length during his interminable speech.  Some of his remarks were actually pretty funny, given the audience, although I don???t think anyone was laughing.

For example, the high-living President told his adoring throng of millionaire actors and fashion designers that ???the American people are tired, they???ve gone through a very tough economy, they???re still having a tough time.  And that???s why this election is going to be close.???

Whoa!  Did he get Mitt Romney???s speech by accident?  At that same moment, perhaps Romney was standing in front of a factory and urging billions in fresh debt for the construction of high-speed rail??? only to frown, examine his note cards, and ask one of his aides, ???Did you guys grab Obama???s speech by accident?  That???s hilarious!  I wonder what he???s saying to all those celebrities at Sarah Jessica Parker???s house right now????

But no, Obama was careful to follow up by saying, ???The other side is going to spend $500 million with a very simple message, which is ‘You’re frustrated, you’re disappointed, and it’s the fault of the guy in the White House.’  And that’s an elegant message.  It happens to be wrong.  But it’s crisp.  You can fit it on a bumper sticker.???

That???s the new Obama 2012 theme: everything he does is ???historic,??? and now he???s the first president in history who has absolutely nothing to do with the American economy, even after three and a half years in office.  We have to re-elect him because he might become marginally less helpless over the course of the next four years.  No promises, though.  Barack Obama has learned not to say anything he can be held accountable for.

ABC News reports that ???when the President mentioned that U.S. automaker GM is ???back on top,?????? Parker???s 9-year-old son ???started clapping, impromptu.???  This led the grinning President to say, ???That???s worth applauding.???  Gosh, I hope nobody told the poor kid how those tired, hurting Americans were fleeced for $26 billion to manufacture this particular ???Obama success story.???  I???m fairly confident no one did.

The irony of whining about Mitt Romney???s campaign spending before a glitterati audience, after holding twice as many fundraisers as his predecessor did in 2004 (and counting!) was surely lost on both Obama and his donors.  Remember, a core ???progressive??? belief is that money is sanctified by politics.  Investment is evil when private businessmen do it, but even the most catastrophic ???investments??? Obama made with taxpayer money are noble failures.  The money spent by Romney???s campaign is repulsive, but when Obama throws around campaign cash, those dollar bills flutter into the hands of the virtuous as if they were feathers shed from an angel???s wings.

Along those lines, Anna Wintour held a fabulous Chicago bash called ???Runway to Win??? earlier this week, in which she rolled out a line of designer Obama clothing and accessories.  Wintour is Obama???s new ???campaign surrogate??? of the hour, which is a bit like becoming the new drummer for Spinal Tap, or accepting a position at Hogwart???s to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts.  She???s widely rumored to be in line for an ambassadorship to the United Kingdom.

Her Chicago fashion show rolled out a mountain of in-kind contributions from designers to the Obama campaign, since the items are supposed to be sold to rank-and-file liberals for less than $100 apiece, which is much less than these people usually charge for their wares.  They???ll join the $95 sweatshirts and $85 purses already offered to those tired, struggling Americans the President was talking about.

Wintour was able to wrap up her fashion show and fly to New York in time to attend the big bash at Sarah Jessica Parker???s house.  The Chicago Tribune notes that ???Vogue???s longtime editor-in-chief has emerged as one of President Obama???s top boldfaced bundlers, raising over $500,000 for his second run on the White House.???  Why, that puts her right up there with disgraced MF Global financier and former Democrat governor Jon Corzine!  He???s still raising cash for Obama, and he???s good for over half a million, too!

Every politician is going to have rich donors, and every big race will involve a lot of spending.  The absurdity of the high-rolling Obama campaign trying to make a big deal about Romney???s money ??? going so far as to publish a despicable ???enemies list??? of big Romney donors, which drew the attention of shady muck-raking operatives with suspicious speed ??? is simply too thick to cut with the sharpest knife.  It looks like the Obama campaign plans to stress-test the American voter???s capacity to endure piteous whining, delivered around mouthfuls of Marea steak.

Update: Oh, and by the way, YOU subsidized this posh Obama fundraiser, even if you have absolutely no intention of voting for him.  The UK Daily Mail notes that Obama was careful to make a quick detour to the World Trade Center site, so he could claim it was an “official” trip to New York City and pick up taxpayer funding for his travel.  This brought downtown Manhattan to a standstill, enraging many New Yorkers.

The Daily Mail also notes Obama held two fundraisers last night, with a total haul of $4.5 million.  The second event was held at the five-star Plaza Hotel.

Update: Just in case you weren’t disgusted enough yet, Obama told the celebs hobnobbing at Parker’s pad they were “the tie-breaker” and “the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes.”  So vote Obama, and obey your aristocracy, peasants!  Remember your place, you curs!