Obama explains press conferences are not a good time for questions

President Obama came forth, almost an hour late, to explain his new “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Amnesty” immigration policy.  A reporter from the Daily Caller wanted to ask him some questions, but the President explained that questions are not welcome at press conferences:

Obama finished by running away from the podium without taking any questions.

This was a really odd performance.  The President did a good bit of shouting, at one point thundering into the mike, “IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!”

Since it was not difficult to anticipate the reaction to his announcement would be contentious – both from those who disapprove of amnesty for illegal aliens, and those who worry about the usurpation of legislative authority – it seems clear Obama meant for his actions to cause a firestorm, and he wants to throw more gasoline on the flames.  Otherwise, one might have expected a sober and thoughtful discussion of the policy change, followed by a robust willingness to answer questions about it.

The question he was most keen not to answer, as seen in the clip above, concerned the effect on existing unemployed Americans of dumping 800,000 new work permits into the labor market.  Is that really an unreasonable, or unexpected, question?

In essence, the President’s case boiled down to moral outrage at the notion of expelling “talented young people, who for all intents and purposes are Americans.”  It would be disturbing if he didn’t realize that formulation would generate heated criticism against his cheapening of citizenship, no small amount of it coming from those who worked hard to earn citizenship the right way.

Speaking of those dedicated souls who immigrated lawfully, the very agencies Obama just dumped 800,000 new cases upon are already overcrowded with legal immigration applicants, who have been standing in line for a long time.  (That’s something we really should be reforming – qualified applicants for citizenship shouldn’t take so long to process.)  Either those people will need to step aside so the new pseudo-citizens can be given their work permits…

… or we’re about to hear an angry demand from Barack Obama for massive spending to hire a new army of immigration bureaucrats.  I would bet upon the latter.