Conservative publisher takes top two NYT Best Sellers spots

Regnery Publishing reported Friday morning that two of its newest books, ???The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House,??? and ???The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama???s War on the Republic,??? will take the top two spots on the New York Times Best Sellers list for hardcover nonfiction when the list is released June 24, for the sales week ended Saturday, June 9.

“The Amateur,” by Ed Klein, former foreign editor for Newsweek and former editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine, will mark its fourth consecutive week as No. 1.  Klein???s unauthorized Obama biography also has topped the USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly best seller lists.

???The Great Destroyer,??? by bestselling author David Limbaugh, released June 4, is expected debut at No. 2. The book follows Limbaugh???s 2010 work, ???Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama,??? which was also a New York Times best seller.

It is the first time in Regnery???s history that it has captured the top two spots, a feat that is rare for any publisher, but especially for an independent publisher such as Regnery, the nation???s oldest publisher of conservative books, founded in 1947.

???We are absolutely thrilled with the success of both ???The Amateur??? and ???The Great Destroyer,?????? said Marji Ross, Regnery???s president and publisher, in a statement. ???It???s always exciting to have a book on the New York Times bestseller list, and to hit No. 1 is especially gratifying. But to have both the No. 1 and the No. 2 books in the country is exceptional, and I think it says a lot about the incredible team we have here at Regnery ??? including our authors ??? and about the climate of the country.

???Each book looks at Barack Obama from a different perspective, yet the incredibly strong sales for both books proves voters are eager to understand how and why this administration has been so ineffective at solving the serious problems facing our country,??? Ross said.

To that point, editor Erick Erickson noted this week on his website that while America apparently is interested in the books, the authors have not been asked to appear on national broadcast networks or to be interviewed by mainstream publications.

From Erickson: ???After four consecutive weeks at the top of the best sellers list, the major media in the United States has flat out ignored Ed Klein and his book. They are doing the same to David Limbaugh. The major media in the nation has a history of ignoring conservative authors despite their ability to sell best sellers. Were Ed Klein to write a book alleging George W. Bush were really a hermaphroditic mermaid princess from Atlantis, Brian Williams would have him on for a multi-part interview on NBC.

???If David Limbaugh wrote a hit job on his own family, he???d be feted at fancy restaurants in New York City by all the news networks who would enter a bidding war over first interview rights.

???But write about the media???s man-god? Silence.

???Add this to the long list of data on why the media???s readership and viewership is in decline. Instead, Americans can rely on Matt Drudge and Roger Ailes,??? Erickson wrote on Wednesday.

For ???The Amateur,??? Klein conducted nearly 200 interviews with Obama friends and disillusioned colleagues, compiling nearly 1,000 pages while writing the book, Regnery said in a statement.

In ???The Great Destroyer,??? Limbaugh presents Obama???s full-scale assault on America???s institutions, from economy and culture to national security and future.

???It’s certainly true that both books are critical of Barack Obama,??? Ross said.  ???But one book talks about his incompetence as a leader, while the other documents his attack on many of the fundamental strengths and values of our country, so I think it???s fair to say that both are necessary to fully understand Barack Obama and his years as president.  Clearly, with these two books dominating the bestseller lists, the country agrees.???

Regnery and are owned by the company that owns The Human Events Group, Washington, D.C.-based Eagle Publishing, Inc.

Among Regnery???s most famous titles: ???Unlimited Access??? by former FBI Agent Gary Aldrich, ???Murder in Brentwood??? by Mark Fuhrman, ???Bias??? by Bernard Goldberg, and ???Unfit for Command??? by John O???Neill and Jerome Corsi.

Regnery???s well known authors have included political commentators Michelle Malkin, Mark Steyn, Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham as well as presidential candidate and House Speaker Newt Gingrich.