Media blackballing conservative authors

I have just learned that Ed Klein???s The Amateur is going to be the number one book on the New York Times Best Sellers List for the fourth consecutive week. Like David Limbaugh???s The Great Destroyer, Klein???s book is published by Regnery, our sister company within the Eagle Publishing, Inc. family.

Limbaugh???s book, The Great Destroyer, is going to debut on the New York Times Best Sellers List at number two.

You would think that a book on top of the best sellers list for four consecutive weeks would get a lot of media attention. You would think the media might even pay attention to David Limbaugh, given both his bona fides as an author, being a noted columnist, and even, maybe, possibly because he is Rush???s brother and Rush gets a larger audience than pretty much any news show out there. So maybe your news show might get mentioned if you have David on. Maybe.

But it???s all just guessing.

After four consecutive weeks at the top of the best sellers list, the major media in the United States has flat out ignored Ed Klein and his book. They are doing the same to David Limbaugh. The major media in the nation has a history of ignoring conservative authors despite their ability to sell best sellers. Were Ed Klein to write a book alleging George W. Bush were really a hermaphroditic mermaid princess from Atlantis, Brian Williams would have him on for a multi-part interview on NBC.

If David Limbaugh wrote a hit job on his own family, he???d be feted at fancy restaurants in New York City by all the news networks who would enter a bidding war over first interview rights.

But write about the media???s man-god? Silence.

Add this to the long list of data on why the media???s readership and viewership is in decline. Instead, Americans can rely on Matt Drudge and Roger Ailes.

Meanwhile, even the New York Times cannot avoid the fact, through its best sellers listings, that many Americans are daring to read what the New York Times et al would prefer America not even know exists.

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