Taxpayer-funded gendercide in Hawaii

The fourth video in Live Action’s undercover expose of sex-selection abortions has been released.  This time, the setting is Hawaii.

As before, Live Action’s investigative reporter tells the staff of Planned Parenthood clinics in Maui and Honolulu that she’s pregnant with a baby girl, and wants to abort her so she can immediately get pregnant again, and try for a male child.  This does not strike the staffer at the Maui clinic as an unusual request – she says women frequently become pregnant again right after abortions, and return to the clinic.

The Maui staffer expresses no reservations whatsoever about sex-selection abortions, although she does recommend getting an ultrasound to be certain her client is carrying an unwanted girl before pulling the trigger.  Of course, that means delaying the termination until fairly late into the pregnancy, so the sex of the child can be determined, but sometimes you have to break some little girl eggs to make a boy omelet.

“I mean, you know, it’s really up the patient whether… I mean everybody has their different reasons why they chose to have a termination… and, of course, everybody’s story matters and if that’s, you know, if that’s what you wanna base your decision on, it’s really up to you,” the Planned Parenthood staffer explains.

When the Live Action actress complains about a more judgmental doctor in Oahu who expressed reservations about performing a sex-selection abortion, the Planned Parenthood staffer apologizes.  “Yeah, I’m sorry that happened,” she coos.  “They shouldn’t be doing that.  You know, they shouldn’t be judging a patient.”  Instead, she says the doctor should have been more “accommodating.”

Things are even grimmer over in Honolulu, where the clinic staffer is very comfortable with the notion of repeated gendercide in the quest for that perfect baby boy, provided the woman doesn’t have too many abortions too frequently.  “You gotta let your body take a rest – take a breather, you know,” she advises.

Funding for such repeated abortions might be a little tight for the picky would-be mother on a budget, but luckily Planned Parenthood has the answer: taxpayer funding.  The Live Action investigator ruefully notes that military insurance won’t cover abortions.  “Yeah, so you gotta go with the state – QUEST – or you gotta pay out of pocket,” the clinic staffer suggests.

QUEST is Hawaii’s means-tested state insurance program, “financed through the State of Hawaii and the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,” according to its website.  The Planned Parenthood staffer reassures her client that it covers all abortions, for any reason.

“This latest footage shows Planned Parenthood’s abortion-first mentality deployed in the service of a search-and-destroy mission against pre-born girls,” Live Action president Lila Rose told LifeNews. “Sex-selective abortion is a prime example of how Planned Parenthood’s abortion empire is the real war on women.  And in Hawaii and many other states, taxpaying Americans who are overwhelmingly opposed to sex-selective abortion foot the bill.”