ObamaCare price tag: $478 billion, and climbing

Hopefully the Supreme Court will soon rescue America from the horror of ObamaCare, because it just got even more expensive.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services just released a new study, as reported by the Washington Examiner, which calculates that “as a result of the law, health care spending will be $478 billion higher over the next decade than it would have otherwise been, had no law been passed.”

Perhaps even more chilling, the report projected that “about 50 cents of every dollar of health care spending in the United States will be financed by government by 2021.”  At that point, roughly 20 percent of America’s GDP will be pumped into health care… which is precisely what President Obama threatened would happen, if his health care bill was not passed into law.  Dear Lord.

Of course, ObamaCare groupies are portraying all of this as a huge “success,” because more people have health care coverage.  Statists always measure the success of a welfare program by the number of dependents it accumulates.  It’s a sound philosophy, if you assume the government has an infinite amount of money to spend, and will never have to make painful choices between competing entitlement obligations.

Since it has become painfully obvious that’s not true, just wait until every single attempt to reduce out-of-control government spending is repelled by accusations that reformers just want to choke off health care for poor people, so they’ll drop dead.  On the bright side, we’ll hear fewer fairy tales about how spending cuts always mean fewer cops, teachers, and firefighters.  Socialized medicine makes government control of the populace much cleaner and simpler.  There’s no need to fiddle around with trying to hide the vast bureaucracy behind a thin line of “first responders” when voters are connected to Big Government with an umbilical cord.

Remember how President Obama used to claim the old, less heavily regulated (but hardly “free-market”) health care system was “unsustainable,” and his wonderful health care plan would “bend the cost curve down?”  Well, forget about it.  That’s an order.