SCORE: Walker 2, Union Thugs 0

Walker Score
Grand Old Partisan
attended the Scott Walker victory party in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  The best sign at Tuesday evening’s event was “SCORE: Walker 2, Union Thugs 0.”  Yes, Scott Walker has defeated the Democrat union thugs TWICE — when elected governor and again when he won the recall election.

Tonette Walker introduced her husband as the best governor Wisconsin has ever had.  No argue from me!  Scott Walker has brought Wisconsin back from the brink of fiscal ruin, without raising taxes.

Walker dancing

Yes, there as dancing.  It was encouraging to see so many young people at the victory party.  It was their party, too.  They know that the Republicans are fighting to save their future.

Among the crowd chants: USA! USA! USA! and Thank You, Scott!

Scott Walker’s speech was classy and heartfelt and presidential.  He is a true man of the people.  What a contrast between his statesmanship and the teleprompter twaddle emanating from the White House.  Rebecca Kleefisch also delivered a superb address, vowing that the reform agenda would continue.

Walker Kleefisch

For the five days leading up to the vote, I had volunteered for the Wisconsin Republican Party, at a call center in Milwaukee.  Along with dozens of other activists, I made thousands of get-out-the-vote phone calls for Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.  Most people appreciated our efforts, ending the conversation with “Bless You,” “Thank you” and even the occasional “I love you.”

Priebus 2

Reince Priebus, chair of the Republican National Committee, twice visited the call center to thank us for our efforts.  We volunteers made sure to thank him!

As the author of a history of the GOP, I know that Priebus is a contender for the best chair the RNC has ever had.  He understands the stakes — he knows that the Republican National Committee is battling to preserve freedom in our nation.

“Reince is probably running the cleanest, most efficient operation at the RNC in its entire history.  He has a religiousness in his approach to making sure the money is used wisely and not used as a slush fund for good old boy donors.”

Brad Courtney

The evening before the vote, Brad Courtney, chair of the Wisconsin Republican Party, addressed the volunteers.  He thanked us for fighting the good fight.  He noted that Scott Walker had selected him to lead the state party.  Walker certainly knows what he is doing!  Courtney has been a superb state chair.  I have met him several times, at some of my speaking engagements in Wisconsin.

Walker HQ 2

I had also volunteered for Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch over the Memorial Day weekend.  That certainly was time well spent.  Waukesha is a Republican stronghold, and every possible vote there was needed to counter the Democrat deluge from Milwaukee and Madison.

This Republican victory in Wisconsin bodes well for the Mitt Romney campaign.


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