Obama shuns his Commerce Secretary

On Saturday, Commerce Secretary John Bryson was involved in a felony hit-and-run accident in California, followed by another collision just a few minutes later.  Injuries were reported in both incidents.  Bryson was found slumped over the wheel of his car, unconscious.  Early reports have cleared him of drug and alcohol abuse.

On Tuesday, a Commerce Department spokeswoman said he had ???suffered a seizure??? and has ???limited recall of the events??? from Saturday.  Bryson then announced he would take an extended medical leave of absence, with Deputy Secretary Rebecca Blank stepping in as Acting Commerce Secretary until he returns, or resigns permanently.

President Obama???s behavior during this crisis has been downright bizarre.  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney claims the President didn???t even learn about the incident until Sunday night, although White House staff are said to have been aware of the news on Saturday evening.

Carney would not answer questions about whether Bryson still has the President???s confidence, saying only that the White House was ???still in the process of gathering information about it,??? and there was ???more to be learned.???  Carney deflected every other question by saying he wasn???t a doctor, and repeatedly instructing reporters to refer all further questions to the Commerce Department.  He spent a significant amount of time talking about Bryson???s career in the past tense.

The New York Post reports that President Obama has not called Bryson to find out how he???s doing.  This is odd, because the President found plenty of time to call professional political activist Sandra Fluke after she was merely insulted by a talk-radio host.

Granted, Obama has a very busy fundraising schedule ??? he???s doing six of them in one day on Tuesday! ??? but it???s incredible that he can???t squeeze in a couple of minutes to call his Commerce Secretary in the hospital.