Obama blows off Wisconsin Democrats: ???I???ve got a lot of responsibilities.???

President Obama claims he didn???t have time to pitch in and help Wisconsin Democrats with their doomed campaign to recall Republican Governor Scott Walker.  However, he did have time to appear on a local Green Bay news station, WBAY, and explain why he didn???t have time to say a single good word for Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, Walker???s defeated recall opponent.

The sum total of Obama???s support for Barrett was one Twitter message, which read as follows: ???It???s Election Day in Wisconsin tomorrow, and I???m standing by Tom Barrett.  He???d make an outstanding governor. ??? bo.???  The little ???bo??? at the end means the Tweet was written by President Obama???s dog, Bo.

Just kidding!  Actually, ???bo??? supposedly means Obama personally typed the message, or at least personally dictated it to someone who typed it.  His overall behavior towards Barrett suggests he might have placed his keyboard in one of those hazardous-materials containment units with built-in rubber gloves, to avoid contaminating himself with ???loser??? bacteria.

Also, isn???t it traditional for such messages of support to say ???he will make an outstanding governor,??? rather than ???he would make an outstanding governor????  Presidential candidates are always introduced as ???the next president of the United States,??? even when their cause seems lost.  Prediction is more powerful than speculation, because it infuses the endorsement with a measure of the speaker???s confidence and credibility.  Of course, that???s exactly why Obama???s little electronic thumbs-up was wistful, rather than enthusiastic.

Obama caught a lot of heat from liberals for his refusal to assist Barrett more extensively, along with some goading from Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus, who is from Wisconsin.  ???Bold Tweet from the President who wouldn???t actually campaign with him or step foot in Wisconsin,??? jeered Preibus via Twitter.

Now that Walker has defeated the union bosses and scored a decisive victory in the War on Taxpayers, WBAY asked the President why he didn???t exert himself a bit more.  Tom Barrett was one of Obama???s earliest supporters, after all.

The President???s response: ???Well, you know, the truth of the matter is, as President of the United States, I???ve got a lot of responsibilities.  I was supportive of Tom, and had been supportive of Tom??? ah, obviously, I would have loved to have seen a different result.???

What ???responsibilities??? was Obama consumed with prior to the Wisconsin recall election?  Fundraisers, fundraisers, fundraisers!  He held nine fundraisers in four days before the election, six of them in a single day.  He held three campaign cash grabs on the night before the election.  Some of those fundraisers were in Minnesota, and some were in Chicago.  We???d have to check the Air Force One flight recorders to see if Obama actually flew over Wisconsin to get from Minnesota to Chicago, but it would have taken some effort to avoid their airspace entirely.