London mayor offers soda sanctuary to New York refugees

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is in New York City to promote his new book, Johnson???s Life of London: The People Who Made the City that Made the World.

Appearing on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Johnson made an extraordinary offer, with tongue planted firmly in cheek: ???Refugees from the Soda Tyranny in New York will have sanctuary in London.???

This is a reference to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg???s weird declaration of war upon soda, and certain other sugary beverages, served in containers larger than 16 ounces.  ???If you do wish to come and drink Coca-Cola from a 16 ounce pot,??? Johnson assured his audience, they would be welcome.

I???m not sure if ???pot??? is a slang term for large bottles, or if they???re actually swilling Coke from huge metal pots in London these days.  It’s possible the Mayor was still thinking about the question Stewart posed to him about an entirely different sort of “pot” at the beginning of the interview.  England is a strange land, filled with disappearing phone booths, schools for wizards, and other exotic delights.

Perhaps New Yorkers could aspire to greater liberty by replacing the Falkland Islands as a British territory.

(Note: click here to see the interview, if you have trouble viewing the embedded video below.)