The Life of Emily

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation put together an interesting video response to the Obama Administration’s infamous “Life of Julia” infographic.

It’s narrated by Emily O’Neill, who makes it clear that the “Life of Emily” contains none of the helpless cradle-to-grave welfare dependency that Barack Obama envisions for his fictional “Julia” character:

The CFPF video strongly underlines the same thought that occurred to me when I first viewed the dystopian horror of Julia’s life of dependency and servitude: all of the wonderful government benefits Obama envisions for Julia are absurd pipe dreams, because his model of government simply crashes, completely and totally, before the fictional Julia would escape from her teenage years.

Julia’s not going to benefit from wonderful government programs to help her launch a dreamy web company, or raise the designer baby she “chooses” to have, without any mention of a husband.  None of that stuff will exist in the 2020s and 2030s, because every penny of federal money will be consumed by debt service and entitlement spending by then.  This is a matter of actuarial fact, using conservative Congressional Budget Office numbers.  By the time Julia hits her thirties, the CBO sees the entire U.S. economy ceasing to function beneath the weight of government debt.  It is mordantly absurd to talk of magical benefits pouring from Uncle Sam’s cornucopia upon the smiling upturned face of Julia, much less her child.

It was always silly for Obama to conjure up cartoon characters and brag about their hypothetical lifestyles in a future stretching far beyond the limits of his prospective second term.  But as long as we’re going to play that game, I challenge any viewer to watch this video and claim the “Life of Julia” is more plausible, or more desirable, than the “Life of Emily.”