Obama press conference: 'The private sector is doing fine.'

President Obama called a ???surprise??? press conference for 10:15 AM on Friday morning, to discuss the economy.  He showed up 25 minutes late.  People who habitually show up late for work really cut into productivity.

It was all more of the same, with not a single new idea to be found.  Obama blamed George Bush for his woes within 10 seconds, whining about the impossible challenges he inherited.  Someone unfamiliar with the 2008 campaign who watched this speech would assume Barack Obama was chosen at random from a list of unwilling victims to be held captive in the Oval Office for four years.  It is very difficult to understand why he would want to be re-elected for such a miserable, futile job, or why any American would want to re-elect him.

The theme of this press conference was the terrible economic ???headwinds,??? which not even our super-genius President can overcome.  Of course, that???s mostly due to obstructionist Republicans, who refused to pass Obama???s second pork-encrusted $500 billion ???stimulus??? bill.  Why, those ingrates are still asking what happened to all the money from the first trillion-dollar Obama stimulus!  And they???ve been pestering Democrats by throwing no less than thirty realistic, market-oriented, pro-growth bills on their desks, when any fool can see that proper economic stimulus involves hiring unions to build junk we don???t need, so the enriched unions can use their taxpayer loot to hire the rest of us as servants.

There wasn???t one single free-market idea in Obama???s speech.  It was all about taking and giving, not earning and growing.  Obama seems incapable of understanding that central planners can never deal with those ???headwinds,??? but millions of private-sector entrepreneurs can find ways to tack around them and create wealth.  Socialists are chained to an immobile wheel at the helm of a rusting ship filled with prisoners, dragging everyone beneath the waves while they wail about the unfairness of blaming them for disaster, because they don???t see how anyone could have done any better.  They never even see the small, nimble capitalist craft flying across the waves all around them.  Headwinds are a constant source of complaint for those who don???t know how to sail.

As one might expect, there was more pleading for big deficit spending on ???infrastructure,??? particularly ???roads and bridges,??? even though Obama already spent a ton of our children???s money on them in 2009.  This has always seemed like a strange argument from Obama, because he also thinks the Little People drive too much, and consume too many fossil fuels.  Why is he so obsessed with building more roads for our planet-raping cars?  (The answer, of course, is that those roads are built by his labor union allies, and Obamanomics is all about looting taxpayers to line the right pockets.)

Obama is so utterly out of touch that at one point, he told a reporter ???the private sector is doing fine.???  That is a simply astonishing comment to make, just a week after the latest disastrous job report chronicled Obama???s three years of workforce collapse and economic stagnation.  If he???s not going to do anything productive, he could at least stop blocking pipelines and sending regulators out to ???crucify??? the free market.

Much of Obama???s presentation amounted to telling Europe they need to plunge further into debt to keep the Euro afloat, so they can rescue Obama by purchasing American goods.  Absolutely no one in Europe was waiting for financial advice from President Downgrade, but he spend so much time rambling on about the need for European bailouts that the audience grew uncomfortable.  Maybe the true purpose of this press conference was to audition for a job with the European Union after he gets bounced out of the Oval Office in November.

It was very clear from this speech that Barack Obama doesn???t think he has done anything wrong, and has no intention ??? or, indeed, capability ??? to develop a more vibrant, market-oriented, fiscally responsible program.  He wants to go back to the drawing board, when we urgently need to smash that drawing board into tiny pieces.  How is anyone supposed to be ???inspired??? by a disconnected bureaucrat rambling on about the same failed strategies, over and over again, unmoved by all evidence of their failure?

This is a compelling argument to replace him with someone else.  Today???s Obama press conference was a tremendous campaign ad for Mitt Romney, who respects the power of the free market, and cares enough about his job to show up on time.