'Green jobs' are even more of a disaster than you think

Everyone knows President Obama???s ???green jobs??? failures are an epic disaster, with the taxpayer cost per job running from hundreds of thousands, to millions, of dollars per job created.  But it???s even worse than you might think, because the Obama Administration???s definition of a ???green job??? is very??? expansive.  It???s one of the only things expanding in this dead-parrot economy.

Courtesy of the House Oversight Committee, here???s astonishing video of Bureau of Labor Statistics Acting Commissioner Josh Galvin explaining to House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa what counts as a ???green job.???  Actually, it???s more like Issa reading him the official definition of a green job ??? which includes the drivers of non-hybrid buses, and even the people who pump gas into those buses ??? while the Administration official sheepishly admits he is correct.

You have to watch the video to really appreciate this, because Galvin???s oh-God-I???m-screwed body language so revealing.  He looks on the verge of either slamming his head on the desk, or face-palming himself hard enough to deliver a concussion.  But this is my favorite bit from the transcript:

ISSA: How about employees at a bicycle shop?
GALVIN: I guess I???m not sure about that.
ISSA: The answer is yes, according to your definition. And you???ve got a lot of them. What about a clerk at the bicycle repair shop?
ISSA: What about someone who works in an antique dealer?
GALVIN: I???m not sure about that either.
ISSA: The answer is yes. Those are ???recycled goods.??? They???re antiques; they???re used.

No fooling, folks ??? antiques are ???recycled??? because they???re used, so everyone working for an antique dealership is engaged in a ???green job.???  You???ve got to watch all the way to the end for the most bizarre ???green job??? classification of all.  I won???t spoil it, because it will make your jaw drop.

Thank God we only have to endure five more months of this massive con job.