Cory Booker is dead to Barack Obama

It looks like all his furious backpedaling, and the embarrassing ???hostage video??? he filmed, were to no avail: an Obama Administration source tells the New York Post that Newark mayor Cory Booker is ???dead to us.???

Booker, a rising young star in the Democrat Party, apparently once harbored hopes of securing a post in the prospective second Obama Administration, specifically housing secretary.  But then he had to go and defend capitalism on Meet the Press, and pronounce himself ???nauseated??? by Obama???s anti-capitalist campaign rhetoric.

The sources who spoke to the Post don???t say if Booker???s choice of such unpleasant terminology is what killed his relationship with them.  They leave the impression that even the most reasoned and careful defense of capitalism, from a popular mayor of great personal character, who took great pains to declare his general support for Obama???s re-election, was utterly intolerable.  Aren???t these the people who talk about ???tolerance??? all the time?

Booker made an embarrassingly over-eager attempt to walk back his Meet the Press comments via Web video, but even that wasn???t good enough for the Obama extremists.  In fact, according to the Post, it???s one of the things that sealed his doom with Team Obama:

Almost immediately, top Obama aides were speed-dialing Booker, insisting he backpedal from his comments before returning to the Garden State. But the mayor wouldn???t do that.

Booker further enraged them by waiting until that night to post an online video that was neither cleared by the campaign nor acceptable to Obama strategists.

And then Booker did it again. The next night, he went on Rachel Maddow???s MSNBC show to talk about his earlier comments without discussing it with the campaign or working out a cohesive message with Obama???s team. During that appearance, Booker threw even more fuel on the fire when he made it look as if he had been ordered to retract his comments because he decided to ???clarify??? them after ???he did talk with campaign officials.???

These guys are worried about something Booker said on Rachel Maddow?  Who the hell saw it?  Talk about being out-of-touch!  But that is part of what???s going on here: the extremist lunatics who watch MSNBC are the only constituency Obama cares about any more.  Small business owners, working Middle American families, investors who aren???t already part of Obama???s crony network??? those people can go to Hell, where Cory Booker can spend eternity rescuing them from burning buildings.

Publicly, the Obama campaign has taken pains to say it has patched up its differences with Booker, but insiders tell a different story:

???Cory and Barack Obama have never been besties, but that was the final nail. It???s like, ???You???re dead and done.??? The firing squad is out,??? said a Democratic source in contact with both sides. ???It???s not just that he messed up, it was that he compounded it and didn???t have their back when they gave him a national stage to talk.???

[???] ???What he did was undermine a leading argument for the campaign. It was a serious distraction. Not a minor screw-up; a major screw-up,??? a Democratic source said. ???He is trying to figure out how to work his way back in the fold.???

It remains extremely disturbing that anti-capitalism and scurrilous, dimwitted attacks on Mitt Romney???s successful private-sector career ??? which have, thus far, actually turned out to be attacks on the big Obama donor who was actually responsible for everything the Obama campaign wants to pin on Romney ??? comprise the ???leading argument for the campaign.???

They haven???t got anything else, so they can???t afford to let people like Cory Booker and the rest of the insurgency following in his footsteps ??? including prominent Democrats like former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, former Tennessee representative Harold Ford Jr., current Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, and now former President Bill Clinton ??? dilute their toxic rhetoric with common sense.

Clinton, like Booker, only made things worse when he tried to walk his criticism of Obama back on CNN.   ??????I???m very sorry about what happened.  I thought something had to be done on the ???fiscal cliff??? before the election,??? Clinton explained.  ???Apparently nothing has to be done until the first of the year.???

Good Lord.  That???s just what Americans recoiling from Barack Obama???s fiscal irresponsibility, managerial incompetence, and hostility toward the private sector wanted to hear right now.  Don???t worry about that rapidly approaching cliff, folks!  Plenty of time to pump the brakes!  What Clinton and Booker said in the first place makes more sense to most of us, as we survey the long years of horrid economic news: Obama already went much too far.