Gendercide in Arizona: Planned Parenthood isn???t the only sex-selection abortion provider

Live Action???s third ???Gendercide??? video gives Planned Parenthood a little breathing room, and focuses instead on two National Abortion Federation clinics in Arizona.  Sex-selection abortion is a felony crime in that state, but the abortion clinic staff was cheerfully willing to help Live Action???s undercover filmmaker break the law and dispose of her unwanted baby girl.

???Oh!  Um, don???t tell us that, we don???t want to know,??? says the helpful staffer at the Camelback Family Planning clinic in Phoenix, when Live Action???s investigator clearly and unambiguously explains that she wants to abort her child because she???s not happy with the sex of the baby, and can???t wait to get pregnant again as soon as possible.

???State law says we cannot do a termination on somebody just because of race or gender,??? the staffer explains briskly, after reminding the actress that she just signed paperwork to that effect.

???Somebody????  Did she just admit ???somebody??? isn???t going to survive this ???termination????  That???s a nasty little violation of pro-abortion radical feminist dogma.  Once she finishes serving time for her felony offense, she???s going to need some re-education.  The preferred term is ???something,??? I believe.  Or, better yet, just leave out the subject of the termination entirely.

Also, a question for you abortion extremists: if gender-selection abortion is fine, why shouldn???t race-selection abortion be equally acceptable?  How is it possible to defend one of those things rationally, without also defending the other?  The whole point is to avoid saddling women with anything but the highest quality made-to-order children, right?

The clinic staffer clearly states the doctor, who is ???very good??? and like totally ???really, really cool??? about such things, will also happily ignore her client???s felonious intent.  ???Just don???t let it be known!??? she instructs, giving the gendercide industry an unforgettable slogan.

In the Tucson clinic, the Live Action investigator is even more plain-spoken about her intentions, stating that she already has a daughter, and wants to abort her new female baby so she can try again and have a boy.  She even throws in the horrifying detail that she hasn???t had an ultrasound yet, but other tests have convinced her she???s pregnant with a girl, so it???s termination time.

The male staffer is more hesitant than the very accommodating clinic worker in Phoenix was.  He knows gendercide is a crime in Arizona, and the clinic will lose its license if they get caught ??? a law he describes as ???crazy.???  He thinks it over when the investigator wheedles him into forgetting she said anything about sex-selection abortion???

??? then says, ???Yeah, I???ll just forget about it,??? and coaches the woman on how to get through the rest of her termination without tipping her hand to anyone.  Apparently the male doctor at this clinic is not as ???really, really cool??? about killing unwanted baby girls as the female doctor at the Camelback Family Planning clinic.

The National Abortion Federation has very strong ties to Planned Parenthood, as Live Action explains: ???NAF is the professional trade group for abortion doctors and clinics in the U.S. and Canada. Many NAF board members are current or former Planned Parenthood officials, and Planned Parenthood representatives frequently play a prominent role at NAF annual meetings.???

It???s becoming increasingly difficult for them to pass gendercide off as a string of isolated offenses by ???rogue??? staffers.  Can anyone truly continue to doubt that we need federal action against sex-selection abortions, to make it unambiguously clear to all these ???helpful??? staffers, and everyone they seek to enable, that they are perpetrating a horror opposed by 77 percent of Americans, and 80 percent of women?

Live Action has reportedly passed its video along to the Attorney General of Arizona, along with law enforcement officials in Phoenix and Tucson.

Update: I misread the report and mistakenly identified “Camelback” as the name of the city where one of the clinics was located, but in fact that’s the name of the clinic; it’s located in Phoenix.  I have corrected the reference.  Thanks to @seejackson on Twitter for setting me straight!