Did Walker 'Survive'?

This morning, readers across the country were confronted with headlines that read, in some variation, Walker ???survives??? recall. The Boston Globe. The Washington Post. The New York Times. And so on. I suppose, though, that this is technically true — after all Walker won a recall challenge  — but, implicit in the word “survive” is “close call.” One of the definitions of survive is, “To carry on despite hardships or trauma.”

So here’s something to remember:

The Wisconsin “survival” election:

Scott Walker – 53 percent

Tom Barrett – 46 percent

The 2008 audacious Barack Obama presidential election ??? AKA: “historic blowout victory,”  “a national catharsis,” “landslide,” etc…

Barack Obama – 53 percent

John McCain – 46 percent

A more appropriate headline would be Walker “cruises” to victory.