Democrats implode after their Wisconsin thrashing

A bit of psychotic behavior was not unexpected after the Democrats and their union paymasters got utterly destroyed in Wisconsin on Tuesday night.  They had worked themselves into a lather over this recall election, which of course was their idea in the first place.  Union bosses poured millions of dollars into the campaign, both inside Wisconsin and out-of-state.  Those who pony up union dues are going to look at the astonishing results and feel their money was wasted.

Perhaps a few union members in other states will pause to reflect that one of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker???s key reforms involved dismantling the machinery that uses government to loot their paychecks and hand the loot over to millionaire union bosses, and their discontent will turn in an especially dangerous direction for Big Labor.

Contrary to the cyclone of spin you???ll hear in the coming days, Democrats at the state and national level viewed the Wisconsin recall as an event of unparalleled importance, with major national implications, and sold it that way to their voters.  The American Future Fund threw a manhole cover across the Memory Hole with a little video entitled ???Do You Recall????

With this background, it???s not surprising that the astonishing defeat they suffered in Wisconsin would drive some Democrats around the bend.  The New York Times headline said ???Walker Survives Wisconsin Recall Vote,??? but that???s like saying the Hulk ???survived??? his encounter with Loki in The Avengers.  Walker is the first governor in American history to win a recall election, and he won with an even larger share of the vote than the one which put him in office.  Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch likewise trounced her recall opponent, and Republicans swept three of the four state Senate recall races, with the final race a photo finish that left election officials still counting votes Wednesday morning.  To borrow and modify a term from Sarah Palin, it was a historic antirefudiation.

An unhinged Wisconsin Democrat actually slapped defeated recall candidate Tom Barrett, after asking for his permission to do so:

But the really crazy behavior came pouring out of the Obama campaign and the national Democrat Party, which completely imploded during the recall election.  Setting the tone early in the evening was Obama???s campaign chief, David Axelrod, who tossed out what might prove to be the most unfortunate political Twitter message since Anthony Weiner: ???Bad night in Boston??? WI raises big questions for Mitt.???

That was a remarkably irresponsible political bet to place on the election.  Axelrod was obviously looking at those famously useless exit polls and the Barrett campaign???s ludicrous internal polling, and gambling that the result would be either a razor-thin Walker win he could spin away, or a Barrett win he could celebrate.  As it stands, the only ???questions??? Mitt Romney has about Wisconsin will be asked of Scott Walker after Romney gets to the Oval Office, and solicits advice for cleaning up the wreckage left by a fiscally irresponsible predecessor.

The Obama campaign released a whiny, tone-deaf statement after the results came in: ???While tonight’s outcome was not what we had hoped for ??? no one can dispute the strong message sent to Governor Walker. Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites from all walks of life took a stand against the politics of division and against the flood of secret and corporate money spent on behalf of Scott Walker, which amounted to a massive spending gap of more than $31 million to $4 million.???

This from the President who has held more fundraisers than any other in history, even as his rotten economy threatens to tumble into a recession, on the subject of a recall election bought and paid for by rich union bosses.

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz ??? the best DNC chair the RNC ever had ??? took the cake with the most delusional reaction of the night: ???Despite the disappointing outcome, [the Wisconsin recall effort] sent Scott Walker a message that his brand of divisive politics is offensive and wrong.???

???Divisive politics??? is code for ???getting Democrat parasites out of your wallet.???  Remind me again: which party???s elected representatives abandoned their duties and fled the state to shut down its government?  Who was camped outside the state capital, using phony doctors??? notes to shun their duties – leaving classrooms full of students without their teachers ??? so they could wave ???Walker = Mubarak = Hitler??? signs?  Who crashed Walker???s public events to throw snotty little temper tantrums?  Who???s flooding Twitter with death threats against Walker and his lieutenant governor?  Who dragged the exasperated working people of Wisconsin through yet another sore-loser attempt to invalidate the 2010 election?

The Democrats are selling an ugly message: elections don???t count until the Democrat wins.  All resistance to their demands is labeled ???divisive??? and ???offensive??? with Orwellian fervor.  Raising money to fend off their political assaults is sinful ??? only they have the right to amass multi-million-dollar war chests.  That???s not an attractive message for an increasingly restless national electorate??? especially the much-sought-after ???moderates.???  What trace of ???moderation??? can be detected in today???s Democrat Party?

Somewhere, Bill Clinton watches the Obama team fall apart over Wisconsin, and thinks to himself: ???Amateurs.???